Saturday, October 16, 2004

Symphony, Poetry, Harleys

The last two Christian series fiction novels I've written revolved around plots involving classical music and literary poets. Having the chance to severely indulge my love for Debussy and Keats made me look forward to the next book, which was planned as a take-off on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Alas, my editors shuffled positions, and the CT book was put on the back burner. My next Christian book plot involves a circus and a biker. Something of a departure, to say the least.

The biker plot comes at a time when I'm getting an avalanche of e-mails about another book I wrote, just released, in which the protagonist rides, and does other things, on a Harley. There are some people who aren't happy with this, as they feel romance heroines should not ride motorcycles, and certainly not do anything else on them. Yet there are always people who take it upon themselves to police your work. Odd that they keep buying my books, no matter how unhappy they are with me . . .

Despite the disapproval, the most frequently asked question in e-mails about this romance with the Harley rider is, "Did you make this up, or did you really do it in real life?"

I've lived a very interesting and eventful life, traveled quite a bit, and had my heart broken a few times, so I do draw a great deal on personal experience to write my books. I haven't done or seen it all, though, so everything else I must research and invent. I then lie to the reader and write as if I've actually done them.

So which is it with the Harley rider? You'll have to decide for yourself, 'cause I'm not telling.

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