Thursday, October 14, 2004


A Presidential election campaign in America is never a happy thing, but this one has reduced supposedly intelligent people to such ugly and hateful levels that it's become tragic, too. I'd throw in some links here, but I don't think I'm going to do myself any favors by pointing out whom I consider to be the brightest & ugliest & most hateful among my peers.

It falls in with my personal political philosophy, too: I don't believe in discussing politics with anyone. Rest assured that I'm informed and I've made my choice. I think it's my business, and no one else's, and I wouldn't presume to tell someone else how to vote, just as I wouldn't tell another woman what to do with her reproductive system. We have to make our choices in our hearts, and follow what our conscience tells us, and not because someone calls us names or makes threats.

I am a strong believer in the electoral process. The right to vote as we do is part of that little thing called liberty that so many of my ancestors died defending. Happily voting is still considered a private matter in America, or at least it is at the booths.

Privacy is another issue. This one is via the NY Times, which I am linking to because I think it needs to be read. If you write e-mails to journalists, and you expect those e-mails to be afforded privacy no matter what the content is, you should read it.

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