Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day Away

While I was off on my one-day vacation over the weekend I took some pics of the lovely animals we saw, as many of them were willing to pose:

I've never taken such a neat shot of a tiger as this.

Okay, not every animal was willing to be photographed.

As swans can be very aggressive I tend to avoid them, but this dark fellow seemed calm and not at all interested in coming after me.

Still working on identifying this guy.

Also got this and several other wonderful shots of my writing animal. It's good to recharge the batteries and refill the well by taking a day away. Now, back to work.


  1. You took some great pictures.

    I feel more like that joey when someone tries to take a picture of me. :)

  2. That tiger picture is stunning! What a great shot. As to the swans...I was attacked by one once while I was in a canoe. The canoe went over, I can't swim, the swan was attacking...it was a horrible experience so while I think they're beautiful, I give them wide berth.

  3. Your writing animal is very haughty and impressive, isn't he (or she)? Love the tiger too.

  4. Wonderful photos! I need to go visit a zoo, just for the inspiration. :-)


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