Monday, March 14, 2016

True (or Untrue) Self

Gerard over at The Presurfer linked to an online quiz here that is supposed to reveal your true self. At my age that isn't much of a mystery, but I went ahead and took it anyway. Here are my results:

I had to chuckle over the very exciting life bit. Are writing and quilting and cooking exciting? I must have missed that memo. I'm not especially social, so it is hard for me to connect with people in real life. With my guy, our kids, the dogs and PBW in my life, I'm rarely lonely. As for my heart being broken lots of times, sure, but the alternative is never to love anyone or anything, and that I can't do.

Did you take the quiz? Share your results in comments.


  1. I'm Ambitious but Insecure

  2. I got the same thing you did. Huh...who'd have guessed...

  3. I got: Ambitous, But Insecure
    "You have big dreams and work hard, but you’re filled with doubts..."
    Yes, but I don't necessarily equate having big dreams with being "ambitious". Maybe there's something that seems hard-edged about that word. Hmm.


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