Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Call Me Kate

Gerard over at the Presurfer linked to a fun photo-comparison generator that finds the celeb you most resemble, and I had to go make sure I wasn't starting to look like the Cookie Monster.

My results say I'm a 44% match to Kate Burton of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal fame:

It's actually pretty accurate; aside from the hair color we could be sisters (I would be the younger, heavier, snow-haired sister, ha.) I did a little research and found out she's also the daughter of actor Richard Burton, which I thought was pretty neat.

If you try out the generator, tell us which celeb you resemble in comments.


  1. The closest Oscar nom was Paul Giamatti (44%), but I looked more like Guillermo del Toro (55%).

    I tried it again with a more current photo, and got del Toro again, but George RR Martin showed up along with Robert Zemeckis. Of course, years ago when I had less facial hair, I was informed that I looked like Christopher Reeve, but I never believed it anyway.

  2. I'm a 45% match with Julie Walters. I think the grey hair had a lot to do with it though as people normally think I look like Dawn French. I'm fine with either as both are women I really admire.

  3. I got Bruce Davison. Would really be nice if it had chosen someone FEMALE!!! *sigh* story of my life...

  4. Did I click the Notify Me? I always forget that.

  5. I got Mo'nique, Loretta Divine and two men I won't even mention. This isn't a surprise of course since I'm sure it was matching my skin color more than anything


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