Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Possible Hair Perfection

I just got a heads up from Library Thing that I've won a review copy of 100 Perfect Hair Days by Jenny Strebe, which was one of my more adventurous requests from LT's February Early Reviewers list. I think it could also help me improve what I do with my mop, as I never have perfect hair days and usually just braid it back or wear it in a ponytail. My daughter then wants the book so she can perfect her hair, which she's growing out from a pixie cut (for which I am silently rejoicing, as she has beautiful hair.)

I also received a note from Alexandru Ciobanu, the author of the Barcelona Adult Coloring Book, who was kind enough to read my post. He offered to send me a paperback copy of another of his works to review for Library Thing, and I accepted. So I'll be able to test the trend with an actual book this time. I'm interested to see how it goes while working from a book and how the pages stand up to different media. I also have some ideas on how to use the pages once they're colored in, and will try those out as well.

I'm finding that the more books I review for LT, the more I'm winning. Last year it was a book every couple of months; this year I'm getting something every month. I don't know if this is just dumb luck, or the fact that I review everything I receive factors in. Either way, I think I do need to limit how many books I request so that I don't end up overloaded and unable to keep up.


  1. Ugh. Every day is a bad hair day for me and I'm not sure anything in the world would help. I'll be interested to know if you're able to follow the examples in this one.

  2. Will be interesting to hear what you think on the hair book :)

  3. My girls LOVE styling hair. My twelve-year-old loves it so much she taught herself how to cut hair and is doing a shockingly good job. She and her sisters will eat this book up! Thank you. :)


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