Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gated Away

While out of town last week I had the chance to spend a day in Savannah, and because I'm not crazy I carried my camera with me wherever we went. I always notice new things about my favorite American city whenever I visit, and on this trip it was all about gated spaces:

Sometimes when you see a bunch of stuff like this one little thing captivates you.

Like this little guy.

Some gated places seem to whisper of secret lives, trysts, and other things that happen once the rest of the city goes to sleep. I have a huge story brewing now just from this one pic.

Others definitely say not for you -- keep out.

My favorite spots still remain open to the public; right there for you to walk up and sit by and admire. So while I enjoying peeking over a gate now and then, I'm much more in love with where I can roam freely.

The next time you travel, take your camera with you when you're walking and snap whatever fascinates you. You never know where you might find some story.


  1. I love that fountain. Someday when I drive through the south again, I'm going to go and sit there. It just looks so calm.

    The third picture down? I can see the wheels in your head spinning! :)

  2. Savannah is my favourite American city too. I spent a single perfect weekend there thirty years ago, so not enough material to write a story, but memories of a magical place and charming people that I still enjoy all these years later.

  3. I love gated courtyards....and parks. I'm using a slew of photos and memories from a trip to Shanghai in my new book. I confess the character is drawn to some of the stuff I really loved when i was there. Trip photos also became inspiration for the steampunk short. which reminds me...I really need to travel soon...:D


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