Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sub Op

Brain Mill Press has an open call for unsolicited fiction submissions about love in all its variations:


Submissions open April 30, 2015

Submissions close May 30, 2015

Submit at

Brain Mill Press invites authors to submit their original, unpublished, complete manuscripts during our first open call of 2015. Complete manuscripts in any genre, including commercial genres (romance, suspense, science fiction, young/new adult, among others), and mainstream and literary genres, are welcome. Illustrated children’s literature is welcome (please submit completely illustrated children’s manuscripts), as is middle grade. Completely illustrated graphic novels are welcome. Novellas and short stories are welcome, but if the editors are interested in your shorter work, you must be prepared to develop a longer project or collection with editors.

Do not submit queries, proposals, pitches, or incomplete manuscripts during this call. Do not submit scripts or screenplays, visual art, or poetry manuscripts during this call (poets should submit to the Brain Mill Press Mineral Point Poetry Chapbook series. For more information, go to Do not submit non-fiction during this call.

Brain Mill Press publishes “Love Books for Humans.” Love Books are books about experiences with love. We’re seeking books that explore love in many different ways, or explore entirely different kinds of love. These are books about humans, all humans, and are meant to reach readers who define humanity based on their own lived experiences, of all kinds. Our purpose as a press is to build a catalog of stories about all facets of the human experience with love. Our upcoming titles include a historical LGBTQ+ novel, a literary novel about an urban vigilante, a late-life love story, a collection of short stories that includes a story about a teenager in love with Valentino, and a romance novella about a musician and a friend from childhood he never forgot. For more information about our philosophies, other open calls, or editors, go to our website at

Your electronic submission will be accepted at the Brain Mill Press submission portal at Incomplete submissions and manuscripts, or manuscripts that are discovered to not meet the guidelines of this call, will be automatically rejected. All other submissions will be read by the editors in a timely manner. Authors who have not heard from the editors eight weeks from the end of the open period are welcome to inquire about their submission to Form rejection should be anticipated by authors whose submission does not meet the needs of the editors at this time, but comments and feedback may be occasionally offered per the editors’ discretion.

Good luck, and direct inquiries not answered in this call to"

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