Monday, May 04, 2015

Get Out

I took this shot while my guy and I were walking down by the lake the other day:

It was nice to go down there and watch the sunset, which was actually my guy's idea. I haven't been getting out much, what with the now quite busy work schedule and two weeks of nursing a fairly nasty case of shin splints (yes, my ambition to walk more every day ended up stressing my tibias and fibulas all to hell.)

I really don't think about it, maybe because my mind is always wrapped up in things with the family and the work and the house. My guy thinks of watching sunsets; I think about Chapter Three Project One and laundry and giving the pups a bath and Chapter One Project Two what I need to make dinner and if we're ready for the termite inspection next week. I think since I shut down the photo blog I haven't been thinking quite as much about getting out to take some pictures, which I still enjoy and should still be doing.

Since June is our worst month for rain and thunderstorms I think I need to write "get out of the house" once or twice a week on the calendar or I'll miss these lovely last days of spring.

How are you getting yourself out of the house these days?


  1. Gorgeous pic, Lynn. I get outside at least once a day to walk the cat, and we go for walks when we can, but I really need to get out more. To that end, Hubs and I went fishing twice last week. We didn't catch anything, but just being out there helps recharge the batteries.

  2. I'm helping our local arboretum get ready for the tourist season by playing in their garden. Just listening to the creek run and the birds sing.

  3. What a gorgeous sunset!

    I go for a walk almost every morning, but I walk with my mom, who talks nonstop. If I don't pay close attention, I have no idea what she's talking about.

    I need to get out and walk by myself. Maybe me and the camera. :-)

  4. Despite limited mobility, I NEED to get out in the spring after an endless winter! The apple and pear trees are blooming, the sun is warm, and the air is moist and fresh. Just that is enough for me. :)

  5. I have to admit it's the same way with us. I'm figuring out menus, itineraries, and my next chore, and he makes me stop to go outside and look at the stars. I felt bad that I was taking that beautiful night for granted. Good thing I married someone who thinks of these things first. :)

  6. UGH. Shin splints! So bad I remember standing at the sink (on New Year's Eve) and sobbing because of the pain!
    Do not recall how I got them, though it was likely from to much tennis. Lots of contrast soaks (hot tub of water, towels in the freezer) did the trick.


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