Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just Call Me Lyn

You can find out what your name might be if you were born today (and at every decade dating back to 1890) by entering your name, birth year and gender in this name popularity generator.

My results:

Oooh lala. I also like my 1970's name (Terri) and my 1920's name (Opal). This might also be a fun generator to use to come up with some alternative names for your characters.

So what would your name be if you were born today? Let us know in comments.

(Name generator link nicked from Gerard over at The Presurfer.)


  1. Destinee which I abhor...then again, I've never been partial to my real name either and would have much preferred using my middle name at least. But that's also not quite spelled right and what happens when your aunt with the atrocious handwriting fills out your birth certificate and then the person typing it up wings it rather than asks... the only good one on the generator was the 1890's name, Jess.

  2. Ohhh, my grandmother's name was Madeline. Very pretty.

    My "born today" name--Lillian. Meh.

  3. My today name would be "Kourtney." I've never seen it spelled that way, but it's cute. The one I like the best is "Eleni" from the 2000s. The rest of them are either plain or just awful.

  4. This did not even generate anything for me. Which means there were few than 5 females with my birth year and name. I've been pretty sure that my name was one of a kind for my generation. Now I know for sure!

  5. Ugh. My today name would be Adalyn. That's just not right!

  6. Today my name would be Cassidy, in the 2000 Sage. I would have problems naming my kid, our names are similar.


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