Sunday, March 15, 2015

Match Game

Let's play a game. You know the old saying that you are what you eat? Try to match the writer with their snack of choice:

The Snacks:

1. Coconut Chips

2. Milk

3. Unpeeled carrots

4. Ham and cheese sandwich

5. Beans and hominy

6. Vinegar

7. Oysters

8. Coffee with raw eggs

9. Heavy cream

10. Homemade Bread

The Writers:

A. Emily Dickinson

B. Walt Whitman


D. Franz Kafka

E. John Steinbeck

F. Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket)

G. Michael Crichton

H. Agatha Christie

I. Lord Byron

J. Victor Hugo

No Googling! List your guesses in comments, where I'll post up the correct answers at the end of the day.


  1. Just guesses...

    . Coconut Chips H

    2. Milk A

    3. Unpeeled carrots C

    4. Ham and cheese sandwich G

    5. Beans and hominy B

    6. Vinegar I

    7. Oysters D

    8. Coffee with raw eggs F

    9. Heavy cream J

    10. Homemade Bread E

    1. You got two right, Robin -- but I'm not one of them. Although I do like to snack on raw carrots, I always peel mine first. ;)

  2. Looks like no one but Robin wanted to play today. :( As promised, here are the answers:

    1C. PBW ~ Coconut Chips: People often forget I grew up in the tropics; it's also why I am a huge fan of all things made from coconut. I make my own chips by toasting peeled fresh coconut sprinkled with a little stevia, but you can buy them ready made in health food stores -- Dang's unsweetened variety is excellent.

    2D. Franz Kafka ~ Milk: Kafka had a lot of eating issues, probably because he was a hypochondriac who was forever trying weird diets. He was known to drink huge amounts of unpasteurized milk, which some biographers blame for infecting him with the tuberculosis that ultimately killed him.

    3F. Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) ~ Unpeeled carrots: to quote the organic-loving author from an interview "While I'm thinking I toss unsharpened pencils around the room and eat a lot of raw carrots."

    4G. Michael Crichton ~ Ham and cheese sandwich: In an interview with 60 Minutes the author said that whenever he worked on a novel he ate a ham and cheese sandwich every day, which he made before he started work and kept in the fridge with cans of his favorite soda -- Coke.

    5E. John Steinbeck ~ Beans and hominy: The author used a can of each to make a very basic version of pozole, a kind of Latin American bean soup.

    6I. Lord Byron ~ Vinegar: The infamous romantic poet had a terrible fear of becoming fat, and regularly starved himself to keep the weight off. This included drinking watered vinegar, probably to suppress his appetite.

    7B. Walt Whitman ~ Oysters: Evidently Whitman liked to start the day off with a protein-heavy breakfast of meat and oysters. I also read somewhere that his wealthy admirers would frequently buy him oysters and champagne.

    8J. Victor Hugo ~ Coffee with raw eggs: Another weird way a famous writer started his day, with a cup of hot coffee, in which he dumped two raw eggs.

    9H. Agatha Christie ~ Heavy cream: Drinking large cups of heavy cream (no coffee or tea involved) was one of the author's favorite snacking habits; she'd also eat Devonshire clotted cream (sort of like butter mixed with whipped cream) out of a jar with a spoon.

    10A. Emily Dickinson ~ Homemade Bread: Snacking on bread was probably a necessity for the reclusive Emily, as she liked to bake it seven days a week (sometimes twice a day.) She shared the surplus with neighbors and local kids by lowering baskets of bread from her windows.

  3. Susanne8:06 PM

    ahh saw it to late...:-(

  4. Oh dear, like Susanne I saw it too late. Interesting to see the correct matches, especially as I only got Byron right.

  5. Interesting! Coconut chips sound yummy (I like a little coconut oil every day)


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