Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In Internet Years

Can someone tell how old you are by how you use the internet? Take this online quiz to make BuzzFeed guess.

My results:

Twelve years off, I'm afraid (you did not realize I was all of 29, yes? Ha.) So how old are you as an internet user? Let us know in comments.

(Quiz link swiped from Gerard at The Presurfer.)


  1. It says I'm 35, which is fine by me even if it's inaccurate. :-)

  2. According to this, you and I are the same age. Yay! Mine was only 4 years off, though.

  3. I think I did that completely wrong because I got 29 - I'm 54! I only recognised 2 of the celebrities, so had to go with Ellen, and I don't use facebook or instagram but they didn't have button for that, so I chose instagram. If they'd had a button for "don't use either" I'm sure I would have come out as a dinosaur.

  4. Great quiz...because it says I'm 35 and hey, I'll take that all day long...!! ;D

  5. Yea i like this quiz says im 7 years younger than i really am, Happy Days.

  6. I got a 29, which is interesting because I'm 20 years older, plus I was around when the Internet was actually born.

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