Wednesday, February 04, 2015


My kid has been nagging me to surf around Tumblr more often than I do (which is never) so I cruised on over to have a look around and found these very inspiring stops to bookmark:

Archisketchbook -- Architecture + Drawing = Wow

Art Journaling -- as the subtitle says, where art and words meet. Look at the Archives. No, really, look.

Book Mania -- I admit, somewhat snotty in places, but the very cool visual content makes you forget the occasional lit butt sticks.

Bookshelf Porn -- I think I could live at this one, actually.

I Work at a Public Library -- be prepared to laugh. And sigh.

Inspire Me Now -- 354 pages of brilliant designs from all over the planet.

Things Organized Neatly -- the other kind of visual porn that I love. I know I've linked to this one before but now I think I'll add to my blog roll.

To Love Many Things -- This is what you get when you raid museum databases.

Writing in Notebooks -- I want to live on the planet of Notebook people. Now please.

Writing Prompts -- if you need a kick in the muse, you'll probably find a good one here.

Are there any Tumblr blogs you haunt regularly? Share your favorite links in comments.


  1. I'm still trying to understand how Tumblr works. I know I should get it, but I just don't. Thanks for the links, though. I've followed a few.

    1. Tumblr is tricky to navigate, both the interface and the culture. I was introduced to it through fandom and that helped a lot because I was able to ask my friends questions about how to use the site. I've found it's kind of like a long-form Twitter with an emphasis on pictures and art. The hashtags are crazier in that reblogging doesn't mean anything hashtag-wise, except for finding stuff on your own blog. But if you post, the hashtags will put you into that particular stream/conversation/whatever you want to call it.

      I loved the site for a long time and still kind of do. I hope what I've said helps.

  2. Bookshelf Porn just about killed me with rampant lust, and deep envy. ;D


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