Sunday, February 08, 2015

5 Flickr Photo Freebie Sources

For those who are hunting freebie images to use, Flickr is a popular place for various archival entities to post collections of photos in the public domain, particular those of historic interest or value. Generally works that have passed into the public domain are free for anyone to use for any purpose, but you should always check the source for terms of use before assuming you can. It's also wise to give credit to the source of any public domain image.

Here are some interesting pics from five of my favorite Flickr freebie image sources (and to go to the complete collection, click on the name):

Library of Congress

Making History

The National Archives UK

National Library of Ireland on the Commons

Florida Memory

As to what you can do with them -- here's what I did just having some fun:

What happens when a Prohibition-era housewife opens the wrong bottle (I might actually have to write this one.)

Docket builds a defensive corset and all hell breaks loose. Or not.

Or maybe just the responses I wanted to send but didn't . . .


  1. My favorite photo is the well-dressed woman standing with a dog while clutching a rifle. Who was she in real life, I wonder? Great pictures...and yes, the Bathtub Djinn would make a great story.

  2. Thanks for the great resources! (and the fun captions:)

  3. Excellent captions! lol! :)

  4. Love the "Bitch Please", lol!!


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