Monday, February 23, 2015

Ban Me Baby

Which banned book are you? Take this online quiz from Columbus State Library to find out.

My results:

So I'm a Utopian parody written by a smartass pacifist. Sounds about right.

Why should we ban you? Let us know in comments.


  1. LOL, I got Hunger Games.

  2. I'm "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller = "or you, Paris is definitely the city of love. You have the talent for the written word, but often suffer from writer’s block. You spend too much time partying and hooking up. Deep down inside, you know that a great artist is always alone." Wow! I actually spend too much time reading & sewing, but I can pretend I'm partying & hooking up.... Strangely enough Cancer is my star sign.

  3. Hunger Games here, too.

  4. I also got "Tropic of Cancer". No partying & very little hooking up here. And still waiting for the Supreme Court to declare that I'm not obscene...

  5. I got Brave New World too :-)

  6. Anonymous11:43 PM

    I got "Grapes of Wrath" with a comment about brushes with the law and fighting to feed the hungry. Hmm...last I checked I haven't even had any speeding tickets in over 12 years....but I can get behind feeding people who need to eat.



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