Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Who Plays Me?

Answer nine questions in this online quiz and you'll find out which actor would play you in a movie. Here are my results:

A bit young and far too pretty to play me, I think, and I don't know what that dream unicorn ref means (which proves how old and unhip I am.) So who plays you? Post your results in comments.

(Online quiz link nicked from Gerard at The Presurfer)


  1. Huh. Never would have thought I would match with Natalie Portman either...but I just did. Maybe she's the only actress in the quiz!? ;D

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I'd be played by Cameron Diaz! Which is kinda cool. :)

  3. I'd be played by Ben Affleck. Yes, a guy. Well, he does have an Oscar.

  4. Lynn,
    I would be Anne Hathaway which is nice because I think she is a very nice young actress who hasn't had photos splashed all over the tabloids like some (i.e. Miley!).

  5. We reckon you'd be played by
    Brad Pitt
    in a light romantic movie.
    Everyone fancies you.

    Perfect. He'd need to work out a bit to be as good looking as me. I recommend a six-pack every day.

  6. Fran K3:27 AM

    I got Natalie Portman too. Also a bit young & pretty for me, and I agree with you about the dream unicorn comment, I've got no idea what that means. Perhaps one of your "posters" can supply the answer.

  7. Riley7:17 AM

    When I took the test as a man - Brad Pitt. I don't know if everyone fancies me, but I do like to be liked!
    Then I took the test as a woman and got 'handsome and rocking' Kate Beckinsale. Talk about old and unhip - I could not even tell you what movies she has been in. There needs to be a test with a middle-aged A-list (Brad Pitt can stay on the list).

  8. I'd be played by Brad Pitt? Well, he does have a lot of experience herding small children...

  9. Gemma Arterton... not sure who she is but if she can play a man she must be good.
    Must now go consult Google about Gemma.

    Ron B

  10. Keita Haruka10:27 AM

    We reckon you'd be played by Daniel Craig in a romantic action movie.
    Your soulful eyes make people swoon.

    Sounds good to me!


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