Sunday, January 05, 2014

Comments Catchup Day No More

Last year I began devoting Sundays strictly to reading and answering comments left here at PBW; something I've never been very good at doing. For a few months it worked, too. Having an entire day to review the week's posts and chat with my visitors helped me be more responsive and show my appreciation for those of you who brave the comment form to leave some remarks.

The number of comments began to decline almost immediately in the wake of this feature, however, and I think that may be due to me trying to answer all of them. Also, I'm not always able to spend even one day per week answering comments; often bad weather or the usual domestic disasters conspire to keep me offline. Seems silly to schedule a day to answer comments and then not be able to show up and do that.

So my first change to the blog for 2014 is to eliminate comments catchup day. I will try to keep responding to the comments you leave here, although I can't promise when. I'll also skip answering any comments that don't really invite or need a reply from me.

Comments will remain on moderation, primarily to prevent SPAMmers from flooding them with their dreck, as I still get hit about five or ten times a week from those pinheads. For any questions you have about comments here at the blog, see section E. on the About PBW page over there on the sidebar.


  1. Wanted to take the time and say hi. I have been following your blog for some time now and I think I may have commented once or twice, but I'm trying to actually leave comments this year instead of ghosting by like usual. Is Lynn okay or should I call you PBW? I started off with "Hi Lynn" but it seemed a tad presumptuous so I changed it. Maybe I should put "worry less" as a goal for this year too. *grins*

  2. It's nice to (virtually) meet you, and Lynn is fine -- but if you can't remember it PBW works, too.

    I'm trying to visit more blogs and be less of a lurker this year, too. Worrying less is also a perpetual goal. :) I'm going to try some new forms of meditation to try to clear the mental deck, but lately cooking seems to be the most helpful. I've made dinner every night this week instead of opting for take-out, and it feels pretty good.

  3. Fran K4:47 AM

    I'm going to try the "dinner every night" thing too this year, Lynn. My eldest son (22) has Crohns disease but has always hated veggies, so often we go the take out route because he's so picky. I can only eat so much pizza so I'm going to try planning meals and making sure he tries as many new things as possible this year. We both need to lose some pounds and get healthier, and I'm hoping all of this will make me feel better too.

  4. Belated Happy New Year to PBW and her readers :)


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