Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cool Shelves

I spotted this old beauty here during a recent flea market junket and had to snap a shot. I love shaped book cases, and while I don't have space for it at mi casa, I thought it would likely fit perfectly in the corner of almost any room. Books are (to me, anyway) a safe harbor, so why not store them in lighthouse bookcase?

In anticipation of Spring cleaning I'm working on the home office, and now have one back wall free to do with as I please. I'd like to hang shelves (for books, of course) but I'd rather do something other than the usual thing. Which is probably why this clever shelf caught my eye:

What better way to keep track of the TBR as well as what you're reading or have just read than this?

Unfortunately that shelf would probably be a bit small for my purposes; at the moment I'm reading about twenty different books and I have another thirty piled up in the TBR queue. Maybe something like this would be more accomodating:

I don't have that much wall space, however, so I guess it's back to the drawing board -- and if I do put together anything especially cool I promise to post some pics.

Do you have an unusual or creative way to showcase your books? Let us know in comments (and share links to pics if you have them, too.)

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Image credit for TBR and READ bookcases: Amazing Punch


  1. I love the lighthouse one. It would be perfect for my classroom.

  2. I saw a kid's book nook mde by hanging plastic gutters from home depot on the wall as shelving. Amazingly fun and space saving.

  3. Fran K3:50 AM

    I'm running out of space for all my books. My sons were joking about my address over Christmas and suggested a new name for my flat. As I live in Enid Blyton House, they said instead of number 3 it should just be called The Library, Enid Blyton House. Perfect!

  4. When I was in my macrame phase--a long time ago--I made hanging macrame shelves and hung them from hooks. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, I swear.


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