Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kit Arrives (in Print)

Today is the release day for Disenchanted & Co., the print edition bindup of my Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed e-books, aka the first novel in my Disenchanted & Co. steampunk urban fantasy series for Pocket Star.

This is also when I usually natter on about how my published novels are my only source of income, and buying a copy shows your support for me, and that keeps PBW funded and ad-free etc. etc. This is still true, but let's skip all that so I can tell you a story.

This past weekend I took a box of author copies of Disenchanted & Co. to a steampunk show, where I handed them out for free to people at random. Everyone was surprised to be offered a book for nothing (a few were suspicious that by doing so I was somehow trying to dupe them) and most were quite willing to talk a bit with me.

While doing so I chatted with these folks about the series and my work, and asked them if they enjoyed the story to let other readers know about it. I didn't just talk book, either; I discussed steampunk art and Lovecraft with an older gentlemen, jewelry-making with a wonderful artist, and the glories of vintage clothing with a trio of seamstresses. One of the vendors talked about a friend who is self-publishing; another offered to vote for my book at WorldCon (I advised him of my doubts at being nominated -- with a straight face!)

I had to go back and forth to the truck four times to refill my tote and made a circuit of the entire show twice in three hours, but I handed out every single book I'd brought with me. It was a lot of fun and while I probably wasn't perfect -- I need to practice pitching faster -- I think I did okay.

Before the show, on the other hand, I was a mess. I didn't sleep a minute the night before, and then I nearly blinded myself trying to put on mascara that morning. I've decided that hair straightener irons are evil and I'm never again borrowing my daughter's; people will just have to put up with my waves. I also forgot that no matter how carefully you plan something like this you will always leave something (!my business cards!) behind on the kitchen table.

And why was I such a mess, you ask? Because handing out books at this show was the first time I've made a public appearance as an author since 2003. I'm pretty sure the people at the show didn't pick up on how nervous I was (or that while I was talking to them I could barely see out of my right eye.)

Yes, after eleven years I finally left the BatCave; that is how much I love this series.

So: I hope you'll help me keep writing it by investing today in a copy of Disenchanted & Co. or (if you've already read the e-books) buying a copy for a loved one or friend. I'll sweeten the deal, too: if sales of this book are brisk, I promise to make another public appearance -- one I'll actually announce ahead of time -- at the Disenchanted & Co. booth at MegaCon Orlando in March.

Not enough? Okay. If Disenchanted & Co. debuts on the New York Times mass market bestseller list in February, I'll make a public appearance at one of the big/national writer or reader cons in 2014 (something I haven't done in 12 years.)

Online places where you can buy my book:


Barnes & Noble

As always, thanks for your support of my books, PBW and me.


  1. Fran K10:26 AM

    How brave of you. I know people who'd do anything to have their 15 minutes of fame but the whole idea makes me cringe, so I sympathize with you. I not only have the e-books but I also have the galley copies I won here on PBW, and today I trundled across to Amazon and bought the print version too - that's how much I love this series ... !

  2. Happy Book Day! I love this series as well.

  3. Keita Haruka1:48 PM

    Consider it done! I have the ebooks, but those are no substitute for a real book on a shelf. :-)

  4. Yes, after eleven years I finally left the BatCave

    Oh my. Then this series is DESTINED to be a success!
    You've a lot more nerve than I do, Lynn.
    Congrats on the release. May it sell a mil! :)

  5. I cringed just reading about your bravery. It's so hard talking to strangers! I hope you have lots of reasons to go to MegaCon Orlando.

  6. LaurieF6:09 PM

    Bought the book. You are an auto-buy in paper. Wishing you a ton of success with this series. Book 2 is pre-ordered.

  7. Karen W.9:26 PM

    Ah, would LOVE to meet you at MegaCon! I have the "e's" but will pick up a print copy. Wishing you much success, as always.

  8. O.O I'm having a lip-quiver moment here. I'll buy print copies. Yet I'm crying and sad because even though MegaCon falls on my kids' spring break, we've already got plans. Good luck :)

  9. Next time you attempt such a brave thing, stick a business card inside each book beforehand...they make excellent bookmarks. ;D

    Oh, and I already have the print copy of Disenchanted, now just waiting for The Clockwork Wolf...

  10. Lynn,
    Just wanted to let you know that I went out today on my lunch break to BAM and purchased Disenchanted & Co. I have to support a fellow Floridian!


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