Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interesting Sub Op

Bundoran Press Publishing House has an open call for their upcoming antho, Strange Bedfellows, which is "an original short story anthology of political science fiction ‘where ideology is a character.’ We are looking for well-written science fiction stories with strong plots and compelling, if not necessarily sympathetic, characters engaged in arguments with the world. We want political stories, immersed in science, that take on those arguments without polemic but with passion – recognizing that causes have both effects and consequences. We don’t care what your politics are; we just want you to tell a good story. Similar to our novel guidelines, we are accepting any genre of science fiction, from space opera to near future to any of the ‘punk’ genres. Military SF is fine as long as the focus of the story is on internal conflicts not armed ones. No fantasy, even urban, and generally no horror unless it has a solid SF element. In all cases, political systems, political processes, or political solutions must be central to the story." Length: "We are considering stories in the 2000 to 7500 word range with a definite preference for 4-6000 words. Shorter and longer stores MAY be considered but no more than two stories shorter than 2000 words will make the book and no more than one over 7500 (hard maximum 12K)." Payment: "Payment is 5.5 cents per word (Canadian funds) on publication, plus one contributor copy" On reprints: "No reprints, unless specifically solicited by the editor. (Don’t Query.)" Electronic submission only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: September 30th, 2013.

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