Sunday, May 12, 2013

Elsewhere & Wishing You

Today I'm visiting Under the Covers to talk about the fountain of youth and why I personally never want to find it. Stop by if you get a chance, enter the giveaway and you may win this batik bag handmade by me, a signed set of the Lords of the Darkyn trilogy and lots of other goodies.

I'd also like to wish all you moms out there:


  1. Happy Mother's Day, PBW, and geez, those doves...

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Lynn. Those doves are so cute!

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Lynn!

  4. Fran K4:46 PM

    Happy Mother's Day Lynn. I just wanted to let you know I finished Nightbound this afternoon and I loved it. A complex and twisty story that kept me reading from the minute I picked it up. I love a book that makes the world and the housework go away .. !

  5. Thanks, everyone, and sorry I didn't get to these comments before now. The voice has been very twitchy but I think now that I've rested it I'll be able to update the blog and answer comments on a more timely/regular basis. At least, I'm hoping. :)


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