Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Beau Arrives & Elsewhere Celebrating

Today is the official release day for Nightbound, the third and final novel in my Lords of the Darkyn trilogy. As most of you know my published novels are my only source of income, so buying a copy is the best way to show your support for me and keep Paperback Writer funded and ad-free. Also, if you've already invested and have enjoyed the story, please let other readers know about it, as word of mouth is the best advertising in the world a writer can't buy.

Online Shopping Links:
Barnes & Noble
Tantor (audio edition)

Today I'm also visiting Once in a Blue Muse, author LJ Cohen's blog, and talking about my busy morning schedule on a release day. Stop in if you get a chance and you could win this giveaway, which includes a handmade quilted tote, a signed set of the trilogy, a Chronicle books Treetops journal, a neat stylus/pen and Levenger's Scheherazade Storytelling game.


  1. I always look for contact information on the navigation bar or at the very least, the author's profile page.

    PS Congratulations on your release--and potential re-release. I hope it goes through.

  2. Cant wait to one click this.


  3. Yay, it's release day! Boohoo, it's the end of the series.

    At least we've got Disenchanted to look forward to...

  4. Fran K3:37 PM

    Congratulations Lynn. Just received an email telling me my copy is on it's way - woo hoo!!

  5. Just ordered my copy from Amazon! Can't wait to dive in once it arrives.

  6. Happy Release Day, Lynn.

  7. Susanne6:22 PM

    I am not going to buy it before the 17th....I want to take the book with me on my holidays in Italy - Elba.... And I know myself - as soon as the book is in my hands I´ ll start reading...I won´t be able to hold back. Your books are like candy...can´tttt stop ;-)

  8. Thank you all for stopping in and leaving such great notes -- you made this release day a pleasure. :)

  9. Susanne8:21 AM

    oh and I forgot to mention how much I like the cover - first of all it´s green which is my favorite colour and secondly the guy is wearing a shirt *g*. I am not a prude but the sixpack/steroid rage muscled/veiny forearms type of cover most books have these days are getting on my nerves. Did you have any say into what the covers look like?

  10. Just stopping by to congratulate you on the new release, Lynn!
    Wishing you many sales (off to order mine now...). :)


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