Sunday, April 07, 2013

Comments Catchup Day

See you in comments.


  1. Fran K4:47 PM

    I hope catch up day can be used to ask questions as I've got a couple. What is a button down shirt? I'm a Brit and as far as I can see all shirts have buttons down the front, so what makes a button down? I see this description a lot in books by US authors & I've always wondered.

    Second question is sewing related. I keep seeing stuff about quilting and I think I'd like to have a go but I'd really like an idiot's description so I can decide whether it's too complicated for a beginner. I hope you can help. Thanks x

  2. Sure, Fran, no worries -- I've actually called my cousin in the UK a couple times to explain some Brit slang to me. :)

    A button-down shirt is a man's shirt with a full collar that buttons from the top all the way down to the hem (so if it's completely unbuttoned, the front halves separate completely.) The term is commonly used for business/dress shirts with long sleeves and cuffs that also button, but occasionally it's also used for the short-sleeve variety. American men wear a lot of pullover-type shirts (T-shirts, polos, turtlenecks etc.) so an author will use the term to clarify the type as well as the appearance of the shirt.

    A quilt is basically two pieces of fabric (generally one made of patchwork and a whole cloth backing) that are sewn together with batting (a soft flat fiber filling) sandwiched between them. Whenever I teach someone to quilt, I have them first make mug mats (little quilted coasters you can put a mug on) as practice to get the idea of what a quilt is. You can find my directions to make a mug mat here: You can find all sorts of free beginner quilting projects online as well as free lessons ( is a good one.) The real trick is not to try to take on anything too difficult at first; try simple projects that don't require a lot of steps, materials or special tools.

    1. Fran K4:02 AM

      Thank you. I now get it.. so its the same for ladies - what we in the UK would call a blouse.

      Thank you also for the quilt explanation. There is so much out there on quilting but I hadn't been able to find a simple easy to understand explanation. I'll try the coasters for now and see how I progress with those. Thanks once again for the clarity of your explanation.


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