Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Audiobook Cover Peek

Here's a first look at the cover art for the audiobook edition of Nightbound, my May release and the final novel in the Lords of the Darkyn trilogy. It's currently on sale at Tantor's site for 20% off, too, if you'd like to preorder.


  1. Fran K3:50 AM

    Wow, gorgeous isn't he? Is he the same guy? I can't quite tell, but I think he's different from the one on the paperback. Both are gorgeous so who cares? Sometimes I even choose the book just for the gorgeous guy on the front - shallow huh? Particularly as the gorgeousness of the guy is no indicator of the quality of the story ... ho hum...

  2. The cover art for the print and audio editions are different by necessity (two separate publishers) but I admire the way Tantor ties their look to the paperback. It makes it look very cohesive.

    Nothing wrong with admiring a gorgeous guy on a cover. I do it all the time. :)


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