Saturday, February 23, 2013


The entries for the Nine Lives giveaway were really magical -- bravo to you all for making such marvelously creative suggestions (and the next time I adopt a kitty, I know who I'm asking to help me with a name.) We got the magic cat, I mean, hat, to do its thing, and the winners (along with the names they chose) are:

Anne V.: I might call a magical cat Dresden after a favorite wizard for hire.

Deb Salisbury: My most magical cat was Mystic, a little black queen from the California Gold Country.

bluebamboo: Rowan, a mash-up and slight spelling tweak of Rod and Owen from Shanna Swendson's Enchanted Inc. series.

SandyH: . . . I decided that our next cat would be named Darcy (yes, after that Darcy - my most favorite book).

Terri R.: Mistofeles, from the musical Cats

Bonnie (Bonz): Miss Minerva Delurvah!

Jennifer and Jeff: How about FNU? (Pronounced Fin-oo) It also stands for First Name Unknown.

Lisa954: Poof! would be the name I would give to a magical cat.

Na: I would like to name a Magical cat Whispers.

Winners, when you have a chance please send your full names and ship-to address to so I can get your books out to you. My thanks to everyone for joining in and helping to celebrate our pal Darlene's NYT bestseller debut.


  1. Hurray! Thank you!

    There were so many great names, I'm sure the Magic Hat had a terrible time choosing only nine.

    1. You're welcome, Deb -- and yes, the hat always wants to pick everyone. The magic accountant, however, keeps him in line. ;)

  2. I missed the comp, but the MC in my current screen play has a cat called Mrs Dalloway.

    1. Hey, Rachel, sorry you missed the post. Mrs. Dalloway is a great name for a cat (sounds a bit like a detective, too.)


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