Thursday, December 27, 2012

SF Sub Op

I spotted an interesting SF sub op over at Ralan's place that I wanted to pass along in the event anyone has some SF they want to sub:

World Weaver Press has an open call for their upcoming antho Far Orbit: Speculative Space Adventures, and is looking for "modern space adventures crafted in the Grand Tradition. We are not looking for slavish imitations of past classics. Rather, we would like to receive stories that establish a new tradition in the much maligned sci-fi adventure genera — smart, modern stories built around the classic traditions. We are looking for adventure stories that are creative, readable, and memorable. We are also looking for midnight indulgences; exciting stories that transport you from the everyday grind and leave you wondrously satisfied. All adventure-based sci-fi genera are welcome but stay away from fantasy elements unless they are genetically engineered or cybernetic. Stories can begin on Earth but the major action should happen out there, beyond the edges of our blue marble. Dystopia (Mad Max) and fantasy-like adventures (John Carter of Mars) have to be very special to be included in this anthology. Please, no fan fiction." Length: up to 10K; Payment: $0.01/word. On reprints: "Previously published stories are acceptable but we will not publish stories that have been previously anthologized." Electronic submission only, see guidelines for more details. Submission period opens January 1st, 2013; Deadline March 31, 2013.

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