Sunday, December 30, 2012

Next Year

Finishing the last major project of 2012 has me thinking about the new year. My inclination is to plan out every second of everything, of course, but aside from a couple of deadlines I haven't. In fact, I haven't even bought my 2013 desk planner yet (disclaimer: I usually wait until after New Year's, when they're marked 75% off.)

I think I did okay with 2012's theme of coloring outside the lines. I took an art class, started and finished the 1000 Cards Project, sold a new series in a new genre and joined a literary penpal club (yeah, I know, but it's actually been pretty cool.) I also got involved with NaNoWriMo in a major way, started working with two new and very interersting guy editors (Hi Adam and Tim), both of whom helped me to expand my writing horizons -- all very different for me.

2012 wasn't all sunshine and happiness, and I certainly didn't accomplish everything I wanted to do, but I'm not interested in rehashing or dwelling on the negative. It's like backtracking over and over on a story trying to make it perfect when you should be writing something new. I'd rather write something new.

2013 will be a landmark year for me in a couple of ways. This is my fifteenth year working as a full-time professional writer. My fiftieth novel will be published in August. It would be easy to kick back and take it easy and think I've proven myself, but writers are only as good as their last novel. I'm not kicking back for anything; I have books to write.

What's ahead? I'm not sure. The universe, which over the last couple of years has been pretty active in guiding me in certain directions, hasn't exactly dropped a sign on my head lately. I'm kicking off the year with a road trip, so I'll keep my eyes open, but I think for me 2013 will be a bit of a mystery year. We'll see.

Are you making a New Year's resolution, or going with a new theme for 2013? Let us know in comments.


  1. 2013 is going to find my writing to my heart's content between university classes, family, friends and work. Fifty novels published as of August?! Wow... definitely don't stop. You're on fire! Best of luck to you in the New Year, whether the universe drops a sign on your head, or it is a year of mysteries.

  2. You're awesome, Lynn. 15 years and 50 books? Plus this blog and everything else you do? Gah. I'm over here doing the whole Wayne & Garth 'we're not worthy' thing. =o)

    I don't make resolutions, per se. I did post a list of goals for 2013, but this is going to be a weird year for me, so I'm not stressing too much if I don't get everything on the list done. I can only do what I can do.

  3. bluebamboo10:32 AM

    I'm going "Green '13." I've been remiss in earth-friendly practices, and I've put too many chemicals in my body lately (OTC painkillers, frex, when warm rice packs often deliver as good if not better relief). That type of thing. I'm also adjusting my diet - low sodium, wild instead of farmed salmon, fresh herbs, etc.

    Plus, I figure my usual resolutions of "lose weight, save money, spend more time with my kids" will get a nice boost under this theme as well. :)

    Many congrats to you, and sincere thanks as always for the inspirations you post here! All my best to you and yours for the new year too.

  4. I don't do resolutions, but after reading a review on the book, The 52 Weeks, I'm inspired to follow suit. The premise is to do one new thing, every week, throughout the year--52 fun, outside the comfort zone, things you haven't done before or always meant to do...

  5. My goal for the year is to be less of a perfectionist. I'm a bit afraid I'll spend too much time trying to be perfect at not being perfect. I'm going to look for The 52 Weeks @terlee mentioned.

  6. 2013 should prove to be interesting. I've actually had quite a bit of success with resolutions in the past (quit smoking, sent every niece and nephew a birthday card, on time, etc.) and have maintained most of them through the years. This year, though, I'm turning my focus toward serious pursuit of my music and writing. As soon as my college classes were over for the semester, I started making plans and really am not waiting until January 1 to begin a new chapter in my life. It's exciting. And scary. And long overdue!

  7. I find that having a very simple goal to focus on allows me to survive all of the personal and work related chaos without stooping down to that level.

    Thus, my goal this year was the same as 2011 & 2012, which I was able to fulfill: get at least one story published. Whether a short story, a novella, or a novel, it doesn't matter, so long as it is something.


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