Monday, December 24, 2012

Prezzie Ten

Ten Things That Make Excellent Last-Minute Gifts

Disaster Relief: Make a donation to the American Red Cross in honor of friends or family, and they will e-mail your recipients to let them know. You'll also be helping people who are in desperate need right now, which may be the finest gift you can ever give to anyone.

Etsy Gift Card: My favorite online shopping site for gifts, art supplies and endless inspiration now offers gift cards.

Healthy Cooking Subscription: Cooking Light magazine, which focuses on articles and recipes for lighter, healthier eating, has a 2-for-1 holiday offer that allows you to give two subscriptions for $18.00.

Gift of Flickr: This might be a good present for anyone who just dumped Instagram after their ridiculous change to their terms of service; a one-year pro account is $24.95.

Instant Gift E-books: Did you know you can just send someone with a Nook an e-book as a gift? I didn't until a friend sent me one, and that was very cool. B&N has all the details here.

Levenger, Discounted: Admittedly a bit pricier, Levenger is still the holy grail of writer and reader prezzies, and right now they're offering 25% off your entire order; use the promo code HOLIDAY to get the discount.

NaNoWriMo: Yes, it's eleven months until the madness starts again, but you can still support the wonderful folks at NaNoWriMo with a donation. When you do, you not only help them host the annual event, but you're also donating to the Office of Letters and Light, which offers free creative writing programs to nearly 350,000 kids and adults in approximately 100 countries, 2,000 classrooms, 200 libraries, and 500 NaNoWriMo regions every year.

Not Your Ordinary Car Fish: Yes, Virginia, there is a Cthulhu car fish, and you can get it here for $9.00; perfect for the Lovecraft fan in your life.

Smithsonian Museum Store Online: The Smithsonian has almost fifty unusual gifts you can buy for $25.00 or less, and all of the profits from your purchases directly support the museum.

Write Stuff: For the writer on your list, Writer's Bloc has some fabulous sales going on right now; my personal favorite is this little Clairefontaine notebook for $5.40.

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  1. Awesome suggestions, Lynn. I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday. =o)


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