Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Gems

An update on our latest front yard drama; Octomom decided to deposit another egg in her nest to make this her third batch of twins:

She also really didn't care for me snapping shots of her with the camera, so I left her alone for the last weeks of June. During which time these little darlings hatched:

Like their many sibs before them, the babies are very quiet and never utter a peep. Their mom leaves them alone for only short periods of time so I had to be quick and take these pics when she left one morning to grab breakfast.

This nest is in a tricky position, so in order not to disturb them I've stopped watering the plant. It may not survive this time, but one look at these little faces makes it worth losing one sweet potato vine.

Because they're so identical I've named them Castor and Polydeuces. Cute, yes?


  1. Well worth the loss, if it comes to that.
    They're beautiful. :)

  2. Awww, they're sweet! I never could get a pic of our robins. Mom had the best of everything with her nest. She 'showered' under the sprinkler, grabbed her insects and worms in the grass and was never more than 20 feet from her babies.

    And I love the names. :o)

  3. Cripes, can you imagine popping out three sets of twins in one season?

    Great photos...and hey, once the kids fly the coop, you might be able to salvage the plant.

  4. The plant might survive, but if not, it went in a good cause.

  5. My parents just had a finch build a nest in one of their candle holders that hangs in a mesquite tree. Mom managed to snap a few pictures of the babies, they started flying last week. Baby finches are uglier than baby doves. ;-)

  6. They are darling! And worth a new plant, now and again. :-)


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