Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gen Ten

I love online generators, especially the wonderful collection over at Seventh Sanctum. Lately I've been checking out some of SS's linkage, and found another terrific site that offered a wide variety of inventive and intensely descriptive generators. To show you some examples, here are:

Ten Things Generated over at Kusani's

"This exo-skeletal biped has a reptilian head, with light, steel grey, stalk-mounted eyes, which seem to stare straight into your soul. It has a short muzzle which is which is unfortunately gaping. It has floppy, floppy, elephant-like ears. Its muscular neck is faster than lightning. This transparent creature has a smooth, snake-like torso with a very flexible spine. Its forearms are agile and long. They end in skinny, avian, dully clawed talons. Its two hind legs are long and agile. They end in quick, insect-like paws. It has one tail, which ends in a knot of heavy bone. The tail itself is smooth and coiling. It eats metal and drinks water. The thing can run up to 120 mph. It has very discriminating eyesight, has a bad sense of smell, has a sensitive sense of hearing, has a nonexistant sense of taste, and has a nonexistant sense of touch. It's smarter than you are - nothing personal, you understand. It speaks a growling, snarling language." (Bipedal Species Generator)

"Utael is a young adult, a god in the prime of his life. He embodies the blooming of life, strength, and physical prowess. His emotions are positive and harmonious. He is the patron of poetry, music, and dance. He is a god of love, beauty, and joy. He is man at his best - he is the Lover. His totem is a Hare, and he is often portrayed with its head or other features. He has innumerable followers. His day is Saturday, his season is Summer, his color is bright red, and his symbol is the Sun." (Deity Generator)

"The Hyper Ship is a enormous, dazzlingly advanced spaceship. Its cockpit is on the tail end, the engines are extended outwards from the ship, and its overall shape is appealingly blade-like. Its meteor-pocked weapons are capable of precision firing and use energy instead of missiles. The ship's engines are remarkable in the fact that they use nothing for propulsion, yet they go without a sputter. The hull is armored, and the ship is ageless. It only requires one pilot, one copilot, one gunner, and one navigator, with nine more people able to stay comfortably on the ship. The cockpit uses telepathic and telekinetic controls which can be operated by anyone with a brain and opposable thumbs." (Generic Space Ship Generator)

"Jaruso is an older woman. Somewhat short and amazonian in build, she is solid, rugged, and deft. Arrogant in appearance, she has moody, blue green-flecked mahogany eyes and cream-coloured skin; her medium-length, straight hair is brown-orange, and she wears it in a high ponytail. She prefers to wear cream-coloured breeches and a beige tanktop. Her favorite weapon is her katana. Perceptive and passionate, she is antisocial and ready to fight." (Human Generator)

Kilgrange ~ Hampbrone ~ Derbywen ~ Plywall ~ Weyclooney (must be where George's ancestors are from) ~ Beron ~ Glenampton (Medieval Town Name Generator)

"This primeval world is smaller than Earth and has a gravity far greater than that of Earth. Its atmosphere is a gorgeous burnt sienna and contains mostly nitrogen with some oxygen and carbon dioxide. The lovely clouds are dandelion and the colossal, melon sun is rich. The stars are watermelon. There are three moons, one of which is gigantic and gray, another is tiny and yellow, and the other is gigantic and shamrock. They do support life and are not inhabited by sentient life. This planet has 5 continents and many large islands. The most glittering continents are ruggedly mountainous and they're pocked by several ponds and lakes. Aside from those, the terrain on the islands and other continents is most commonly covered with thickets of impenetrable brambles. This expansive world has dozens of major rivers, innumerable major lakes, 10 major swamps, and 3 seas and oceans. The most prominent source of water is salt water oceans. The grass and other low-lying flora is mulberry, various trees are storm-grey and timberwolf grey, and leaves turn level maroon in the third season. The dry soil is tumbleweed, the rocks are blue-violet, and water is chill-inducing royal purple. Life barely survives here." (Planet Generator)

uiquy ~ eeshevi ~ isai ~ fuethu ~ veulay ~ davaucui ~ ruqaas (Random Word Generator)

"This is a polytheistic religion. Its tons of followers worship many deities as omnipotent, with a god as head deity. They perform rites to their goddesses rarely and are devotees of them. Their pantheon is represented by the stars." (Religion Generator)

"This sacred solar system revolves around a supernova. There are ten planets, most of which are habitable. The most lovely planet has dozens of moons. Its location nearly outside of a whirlpool galaxy, which is in an unexplored area of the universe, is harmful. This inhabited system, secretly known as Prime Bejhe, is expanding slowly." (Solar System Generator)

"This incredible tree grows to a height of ten feet with a trunk width of three feet and a crown width of fifty-four feet. Its trunk is robin's egg blue. The tree thrives on good soil, and grows best during the winter. Its leaves are robin's egg blue, oblong, and feel silky. It bears clustered, orchid flowers, which are poisonous and smell like rotting flesh. Overall, the tree is livid." (Tree Generator)


  1. Wow, thanks for posting this, Lynn!! I love generators, too, and I will be bookmarking that one. What a great way to help with universe creation!

  2. Very fascinating and fun. Now I have ten more ways to procrastinate.

    Come Visit Silly Saturday

  3. "The tree is livid." made me grin.


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