Saturday, October 03, 2009

Twin Peeks Day

I know I am behind schedule with posting Rain Lashed, my first Kyndred free e-book novella and parallel story to Shadowlight, but I hope to have it wrapped up this weekend. Here's an excerpt from the story to give those of you who are interested a little preview.

For those who have been trying to bribe me for a look at Dreamveil, you might stop by the group blog tomorrow morning and see what I have posted there for my turn at Genreality Sneak Peek Saturday.

Now I'm off to write, edit, publish, pitch, schedule and decide some things, but so that your trip here was not all about me, check out this Dutch department store link I swiped from Gerard over at the Presurfer. Just click on the link and then wait a few seconds, it's amazing (there are also some sound effects and music so be careful if you're at work.)


  1. Aren't you quite the little tease the past couple of days... excerpt from Rain Lashed, another taste of the Kyndred, Shadowlight's release and the VERY promising Dreamveil with a twist that we have to wait way too long for.

  2. The excerpt to Rain Lashed had me hooked.

  3. Powerful stuff. Yes I'm very interested in reading the rest of Rain Lashed.

    Thanks for the peek at Dreamveil. You've got another winner in the works!


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