Monday, October 13, 2008

Dry Well Ten

Ten Ideas for Tired Writer Bloggers

All Your Mission Belongs To Us: Write a spoof manifesto for the publishing industry, your genre, your writers organization or based on some popular topic of discussion that you think is complete hogwash. Need more inspiration? Try using a manifesto from the Evil Genius Mission Statement Generator.

Bonsai'd: Feed some text from your WIP into The Bonsai Story Generator and post a paragraph. Or use at least one phrase from the bonsai'd text as the title of your blog post, then create a hot premise for it. Challenge your visitors to do the same.

Bookish: Write a post naming your favorite books at various ages. Start at the point in childhood or adolescence when you began reading voraciously. Ask your visitors to list their favorite books.

Changing Places: If you have a friend who blogs, offer to write a post for his/her blog if he/she will do the same for you. You can choose your topic or assign each other one.

Character Connect: Interview one of your characters about: 1) a topic that isn't in your story; 2) their favorite book, music or artwork, or 3) how they really feel about working with you. Or have your least favorite character write a blog post.

Future Shocks: Make some predictions about the future of Publishing, your genre, books or advances in industry technology. Ask your visitors to do the same.

The Next Generation: Generate a blog post with The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator, or use one of the many interesting generators compiled over at The Generator Blog to create some fun content.

Topical: Name your #1 favorite writing topic, and explain why it fascinates you. Then name your least favorite writing topic with the same explanation. Use a search engine to find interesting articles, resources and other links that focus on both topics and put together a link list for your visitors.

Verse It: Make a poem out of random lines you read from various Twitter posts (easy), other writers' blog posts (harder) or interesting LJ handles (tough.) Or declare a limerick or haiku day, write a couple for fun and ask your visitors to join in.

Visual: Post an image that you've taken with your camera that you find inspiring, funny, or odd in some fashion. Write a short paragraph about it, why it inspires/amuses/puzzles you, and/or ask your visitors to give their impressions.

Do you have any favorite resources for blogging ideas and inspiration? Post your links in comments.

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