Friday, October 03, 2008

Road Trip

I'm heading out of town again, and not too sure if I'll have access to the internet where I'm going. Tom is also unavailable, so the blog and comments may remain static for a couple of days. I'll catch up as soon as I get back.

A couple of other things:

I've received a number of requests asking when the reprint of my Rebecca Kelly GCI novel Portraits of the Past will be released and where. This reprint is a trade paperback that will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. I've e-mailed Guideposts and asked for a lay-down date, and as soon as they let me know I'll post it here.

My publisher has advised me that the first Darkyn novel, If Angels Burn will be translated into Thai. That's all the info I have on that so far; I'll keep you updated on that as the situation develops.

Have a good weekend, and see you when I get back.


  1. Hope this is a fun trip. Congrats on another market opening up via the Thai translation.

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Hi. I really like your blog and there's always something useful here for writers and readers. So when I was tagged for the I *Heart* Your Blog meme/award going around the blogosphere I had to put your blog on my list.

    More about what this I *Heart* Your Blog thing is about can be found here.

    Hope your trip goes well.


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