Saturday, February 23, 2008

Specialty Writing Jobs

Swiped from Craigslist New York:

Blogger Needed -- I'll quote directly from the listing: "An international film school is seeking a blogger to make regular entries on the school website. The blog would focus on the film, television and acting industries. Interesting news, current events, happenings and issues would be addressed in the blogs. Blogging experience or similar writing experience is a must."

Freelance Writer Wanted -- Seeking a writer for five articles about HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.) Length 800-1000 words per article, pays $20-25 per article. Performance may lead to more work in the future. Requires the writer be a college graduate with a degree in journalism, writing or editing.

Health & Fitness Freelance Writers Needed -- the powers that be behind LIVESTRONG™.com, launching mid 2008, are looking for New York area writers with "extensive experience in the fitness, diet and nutrition areas" to write info articles for them. They're also interested in writers who can cover senior and public health topics (including locally relevant subjects). Prefer writers with accreditation in these fields. Pay varies.

Seeking Chef Bloggers -- A soon-to-launch culinary web site is looking for professionals in their industry (chefs, front of house, restaurant manager, sommelier, server, business side, etc.) to blog for them. Candidates need to be actively employed in the culinary industry, not foodies. The pay is $25-$50 per 500-word post, depending on your experience. Sounds like this could be a regular gig.

Writer for Casual Game/Comic Book Format -- A game/interactive media development company in SoHo needs a writer to work on one of their projects and write the storyline and dialogue (more may be involved, so definitely get details on this one. You'll be working with game designers and producers, and you should have familiarity with game writing and/or design. Prefer experience with comic book/graphic novel writing.


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Whup-de-dooo....more $25 per 1000 words jobs. Be still my heart!

  2. Anonymous wrote: Whup-de-dooo....more $25 per 1000 words jobs. Be still my heart!

    If you look at it as one job, sure, it's not much. But freelancers generally take on multiple jobs. If you got seven writing jobs a week at $25.00 each, that would be about an extra nine grand a year. Once you build up some professional writing credits, you can go after the bigger jobs.

    I used to freelance myself back in the eighties. I never got any big jobs; I just wrote sermons, articles and speeches for $10-$50 a pop for local ministers, business publications and speakers. My experience helped pay the bills, and eventually landed me a job working part-time as an assistant to an author of a children's book, which paid a lot better than writing sermons. :)

  3. I am so tempted to jump on the comic book opportunity just because it would be the coolest freaking thing I can imagine. But I do not have time to be distracted by the Bright Shiny Thing right now. Sigh.

  4. Like Charli, I'm damn tempted by the comic book, but I'm sure they'd laugh me out the door. And I'm pretty sure that my agent would kill me. *g*


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