Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pajama Girls Meme

Need to buy some books but running short of funds? Bored by the latest blogosphere snitfest and looking instead for something fun to post? Got you covered today:

Author Rosina Lippi has started a new meme contest to get the word out about her upcoming Valentine's Day release, The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square. The grand prize is a $100.00 gift certificate and a signed copy of the novel, but that's only the beginning. The more people who participate, the more the size of the gift certificate will grow.

Here's the contest picture, for which you have to think up a caption:

Muriel wore her sunglasses to bed because she read in Cosmo that claimed it drove men into a sexual frenzy.  Now all she needed was the men.

Once you've thought up something brilliant, post the pic, your caption and this ad on your web site or weblog:

You'll also need to post a link to Rosina's weblog, Storytelling, one for the novel's official web site, Lambert Square, and leave a link to your entry in comments to her contest announcement post.

You've got until February 17th, when the contest will end and the winner will be chosen by reader poll over at Rosina's place.

I will have more to say about The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square very shortly, but for now I have to be all shadowy and mysterious. Maybe Muriel will lend me her sunglasses . . . in the meantime, to add a little temptation for my readers, I'll send whoever wins Rosina's contest a signed unbound galley copy of my next Darkyn novel, Twilight Fall.


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I don't have a web site or a weblog, but the caption I wanted to add is:

    "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books."
    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  2. Great contest! I can't think of anything right now except, "20 boxes of books to unpack, oh God, I need a chiropractor..." But an arc of Twilight Fall is one mouth-watering incentive.

  3. Anonymous2:23 PM

    You started this by pulling my name from the hat once long ago. I can't help myself now. My mouth waters. My fingers twitch. My eyes bug out. BOOKS! People are giving away BOOKS!

    So, here's my Muriel:

    Karen, the pathetic lurker.

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Been thinking about this for almost two days now, and still nothing. Creativity isn't one of my strong points. But if I keep thinking, surely I'll come up with a caption?

  5. Anonymous4:44 PM

    it took me this long to come up with what I thought was a suitable caption, and I'm too afraid to look at the other entries to see if it's been done. :D



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