Saturday, September 08, 2007

Winners & Announcements

Judging by the entries for the RW: Take Me Away giveaway, you all soak up a lot of interesting things from the authors you read. We made the magic hat give us some names this morning, and the winners are:

Megha (whose comment started with Sherwood Smith - that you can take a fairly cliched plot and make it into a novel . . .)

MyFlyAwayMoment (whose comment started with I just gotta say that bran fan cracks me up . . .)

rox (whose comment started with 1984 by George Orwell taught me that Big Brother is not good . . .)

Anna (whose comment started with Johanna Lindsey taught me medivial history facts . . .)

tetewa (whose comment started with I'm currently reading an ARC of When I'm Not Myself by Deborah J. Wolf . . .)

Winners, please send your full name and ship-to information to, and I'll get your packages in the mail. Thanks to everyone for joining in.

I also have a couple of announcements:

StarDoc news: Ace/Roc decided they didn't care for the original title of StarDoc book eight, Drednoc, and asked me to come up with a replacement. We agreed on Omega Games as the new title. If all goes well, Omega Games will be released in August 2008.

Darkyn news: I have an extra ten ARC copies of Evermore, Darkyn book five, which will be released in January 2008. This time I've decided to give them away to bloggers who can't get ARCs but want to read the novel (people without blogs, don't worry, I'll be giving away some copies of the final edition in December.) I don't expect anything in return, but if you enjoy the story and want to write about it on your blog, and/or tell everyone you know to buy it, I won't stop you.

So, if you're a publishing industry blogger (writer*, reader, reviewer or other), you do not already receive ARCs of my novels from my publisher, and you're interested in reading the novel, leave a link to your blog in comments to this post by midnight EST on Sunday, September 9, 2007. I'll draw ten bloggers at random and send the winners a signed ARC of Evermore. This drawing is open to any publishing industry blogger, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.

Added: *At any stage of the game -- published, as-yet-unpublished, or self-published is fine.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM


  2. Yay!

  3. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hey!!! I'm an industry professional... or well, technically, I think I'm supposed to be...

    I want Evermore. Desperately. Whimper. Whine. Pretty please.

    Omega Games...I like it.

    Here's a link to my blog,
    Trivial Pursuits

  4. Well, then there is the obvious and the fact that I have a PBW giveaway planned already, the first four books sitting on my shelf brand new and unread just waiting to be given away. (My set of four is quite manhandled. *g8)

  5. Collies! I've never received an ARC ever, and have long been curious about Darkyn.

    My blog is down because the host has done a complete vanishing act. I have to hunt down a new host sometime this week, if only to get the resource pages back online.

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I don't know if I count as a "publishing industry" blogger since I'm unpublished, but I do talk about writing and books over at Tudor's Desk, so if that counts, yay, and if not, just take my little name out of the hat. No harm in trying. ;)

  7. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Author. Of strange fiction including (but not limited to) vegan vampires, ghost hens and others.

    Oh, and I actually got a publisher (!) to publish this.

  8. (jumping up and down, waving hands) me please! I'm a reader (and studying writing). I've written reviews for FM's TBR board. I blog about what I'm reading (usually Science Fiction or romance) at
    where I've written about Blade Dancer, your romance backlist (Paradise series, the swords mysteries and the fire series), and StarDoc.

  9. Yes tooo! I will tell everyone about it! Meee tooooo!

  10. if myspace works I am a reader and lol this will give me incentive to read these books. Have all of them just haven't gotten around to reading them yet. love the stardoc series.

  11. Ooh! Do I count as a published writer if the place I was published doesn't exist anymore?


    Letters to Charlie

  12. Just to clarify -- any blogging writer can enter, no matter where you are in your career. Also, if you simply write for your own pleasure, that's fine, too.

  13. I'm crossing my fingers for this one. I'm still pursuing my dream -- no where near being a pubbed author but I love keeping up with my fave writers online.

    Here's my blog:

  14. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I'm gonna buy the darn thing anyway, but I'd love to read it early.


  15. OK. After the clarification, I fit the criteria. No question. I'm interested in the novel.

  16. *hand in the air* Me! Mememememememe!

  17. Oops, blog link here:

  18. Charli told me I must run right over here. She's probably trying to get me into trouble. ;) I don't think I'd call myself a professional, but I certainly love to dabble. *ggg*

  19. To "the frustrated writer":

    Your icon rocks! I love that show!

  20. Oh, this is very nice of you! Thanks!

    I've just finished my first Middle-Grade novel. A few agents have requested a full, and have come back with very nice declines ("creative" "promising" ....BUT)

    So I'm still plugging away.
    This is my blog:

    Thanks again for hosting this contest!

  21. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Kewl, thanks for offering this!

    Ink Johnson

  22. Dying for a sneak peek of Evermore! I'd certainly blab about it endlessly on my blog!


  23. Newly published writer. I blog about books, writing, and my experience with publishing.

  24. Oooo, I've always wanted to see/have an ARC. Should I dare hope?

  25. I only write my blog and it IS for my pleasure only, but I love having visitors, and I'd simply swoon to have EVERMORE and even though I've never thought to write professionally I'd try it to have that ARC! :)

  26. Ooooh.... shiney!

    Night Lost was the best evah in the series! I know this because I'm still mulling it over a few weeks after finishing it - the sign of a 'keeper'.

    Blog: Jaye Patrick
    Freebie shorts: Jaye Patrick's Takeaway

  27. I blog about the books I read here:-

  28. Ooooh, Pick me! Pick me! *waves hands wildly*.

  29. Oh yeah, add me in!

    I'm all for talking up other great writers!

  30. Thanks for the offer.

  31. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Definitely want Evermore - best excerpt I've read in a while.






  33. Hi Lynn here is my blog :)

    I would love to get this ARC.


  34. Here is the link to my blog.

    and I would love an ARC of Evermore!

  35. as yet unpublished novelist
    published poet, short story, book reviewer