Thursday, September 06, 2007

While I'm Unplugged

Please excuse PBW from blogging today, and possibly tomorrow. I need to unplug for a day or two to get some writer stuff done.

So that the time you spent stopping in isn't completely wasted, you might really waste it with one of these:

Create your own Dan Brown novel (complete with cover art, gushing review fragments and a pretty good novel synopsis.)

Over at, Scott Adams has a Performance Review Generator that always cracks me up. The review it generated for me was eerily almost identical to the last one I got when I worked in the corporate world:

Miss Viehl has been responsible for the changes in our work group dynamics. It would be accurate to say that Miss Viehl has name recognition throughout the divisions. I find that Miss Viehl is willing to take risks. She handles assignments with unlooked-for creativity. It is important to note that she appears ever productive and has been seen dropping in at off hours.

Put your name, slogan or whatever on your own personal space rocket* (I've already tried to put Thanks to NASA ineptitude I have a one in four failure rate, and I am carrying enough plutonium to wipe out the entire population of a large town if I crash on mine, but it didn't fit.)

See you when I plug back in.

*Link filched from The Generator Blog


  1. Do you have a hall pass?


  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing squirrel!

    Guess I better be ducking after you.

  3. It should be moraly wrong for people to post links like these. Now I`m making up the time that I don`t have. ;)


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