Saturday, June 30, 2007

Winner and Comments

You guys dazzled me with all the terrific responses to the Hopefully Ever After giveaway. But we can only have one winner this time, and tonight the magic hat says that is:

Crys (whose comment began with Robin Hobb's Assassin Trilogy, namely Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin, and Assassin's Quest. . . )

When you have a chance, Crys, please e-mail your full name and ship-to info to so I can get these books out to you. Thanks to everyone for majorly extending my shopping list.

For those who didn't catch what happened on Wednesday, I've had to switch on comment moderation. That means from now on I have to read and approve every comment before it posts to the blog. If you don't see your comment appear right away, don't worry, I will get to it as soon as possible.


  1. Congrats, Crys. Enjoy those books!

    Sorry that you have to have the moderation on, Lynn. Good luck with getting through what you're going through and I hope the nastiness ends soon.

  2. I did see it, and now I have a better understanding of what you were up against two years ago. Anger and bitterness don't improve with age.


  3. That is a complete bummer about your commend moderation. Too bad that you have to do that at all.

    Congrats to Crys for their win!

  4. I'm sorry you've had to turn on comment moderation and I appreciate that you decided to do that instead of turning off comments all together.

    I admire how you face nastiness with grace.

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Congrats Crys! And PBW, thanks for the heads-up. I emailed you today. Have a good weekend all.

  6. Congrats Crys.

    Also I'm sorry you've had to go this way with the comments. I know you didn't want to.

  7. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I missed the idiot... thankfully. It would have been hard not to comment. Some people need a serious lesson in humanity.

    Glad you didn't turn comments off entirely though.


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