Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reader Wednesdays

From this point on Wednesdays at PBW will be for the readers out there. I'm still debating on what sort of stuff I can post that will be of interest to you, so bear with me as I work out the kinks.

In May, Borders Group will be doing some special promotions for Night Lost along with the first three Darkyn novels. I've written a letter for Waldenbooks's monthly reader e-mail, and I've been told there will be a $1 off coupon on any book from the backlist. The publisher sent me my first ever book dump featuring the artwork from Night Lost; looks like they'll be stocking them with all four novels.

Evermore is scheduled to be released in January 2008, but don't put any money on that date yet. Over on the fiction blog, I've put up an excerpt from the first draft of Evermore that gives a little more insight into the intense relationship between a Kyn lord and his seneschal (and how it almost gets out of hand between Byrne and Jayr.)

I'm proposing Valentin's story to my editor as Darkyn book #5 #6*, which is (working) titled Swan Fire. I hope to soon have some news on Drednoc and Crystal Healer, the next StarDoc novels. That's all for this week; stop in next Wednesday if you get a chance for more reader-friendly info.

*Added: I can't count. Evermore is book five, Swan Fire is book six. Thanks to Lesley for catching this.


  1. Must... have... more... Stardoc!

    And why didn't I know about the fiction blog? Where have I been?

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    A book dump!! That's so exciting! (I adore book dumps; they're fun and they free up space on other tables/endcaps.) And I love your titles. I'm currently failing Catie Murphy's writing challenge but hearing about all the stuff you've got going on may nudge me that much closer to my goal. :-\

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    More, Stardoc --- SOON, please. Love the Darkyn as well and for that matter anything that you've written - under any name. Have already alerted the book store to Night Lost - can't get here soon enough! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the excerpt, except now I have to wait for the book (sigh). Would it be terribly silly for me to ask what a book dump is? (all I can think is one of those big trucks leaving a mountain of paperbacks on your front yard, kind of like the guys who deliver sod or mulch). Glad things are getting back to normal for you.

  5. I'm confused - it doesn't take much. :) If Swan Fire is going to be Darkyn #5, then where does Evermore fit in?

  6. Ann wrote: Would it be terribly silly for me to ask what a book dump is?

    Not at all -- first time I heard the term I wasn't even sure I wanted to know what it was. :)

    A book dump is a cardboard floor display unit that features a new title or a group of titles, usually by one author. These are parked around the book store near end caps, registers or in the aisles.

    It's a big deal for an author to get one because it makes browsers really notice your title(s), and publishers only do them for Big Name or A List authors. I'm neither, btw, but the preorders for Night Lost were so significant that the publisher decided to do one for my Darkyn books.

    Lesley wrote: If Swan Fire is going to be Darkyn #5, then where does Evermore fit in?

    Ack, that was supposed to be a six. Evermore is book #5. Thanks for catching this, Lesley, I'll correct the post.

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I so love the Darkyn books! I didn't know you had a fiction blog though, and couldn't find a home page to bookmark. Is there one?

    I love that you had so many advance sales :)

  8. Mary wrote: I didn't know you had a fiction blog though, and couldn't find a home page to bookmark. Is there one?

    The URL for the fiction blog is:

    I should note that I occasionally use it for some writing-related things, too, like the example character worksheet and novel plotting templates.

  9. Glad to have helped.

    :)- it's just the panic ridden thought that I might be missing out on a book somewhere.

  10. Glad you clarified the math, I thought I was missing something! Gret excerpt from Evermore.

  11. Forgot to say, the book dump is so exciting! Here's to even more readers discovering those fascinating Darkyn.

  12. Anonymous9:18 PM

    ooohhhh... congrats on the book dump. (that's such an odd phrase...)

    I'm quietly drooling for info on the Stardoc books. Is it too early to get excited? They are coming, right?

  13. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Oooh, that's so exciting you'll be getting a book dump! I didn't know what it was either, so I'll have to look for it in May! ^_~ long as it's in Chapters in Canada too. ^^

    I loved the excerpt from Evermore. Not only was it hot but it showed a different possible aspect of vampire romance. A lot of vampire romance these days simply involves a human woman becoming involved with a dark vampire lord and any servants the dark lord may have are just boring one-dimensional characters who serve their lord with mindless devotion. The dynamics of the relationship between a Kyn lord and his seneschal make things very interesting! ^^

    Also love the titles for the next two StarDoc books. I can't wait! And also, I may not like shelling out so much money for hardcovers, but I would be so happy for you if all your new book started coming out in hardcover! ^_~ And who am I kidding? I would buy them! =)

  14. I love the titles Evermore and Swan Fire! I can't wait to find out more about Valentin!

    Robin S

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  16. I hope you find out about Drednoc and Crystal Healer soon. I'm sure your publisher doesn't want to cause a riot. Didn't they learn from the Eternity Row-Rebel Ice gap that it's not a good idea to leave a hardcore StarDoc fan hanging. We can not be held responsible for our actions....LOL =)

  17. Anonymous11:40 PM

    I am so excited about not only Night Lost coming out next week, but only recently finding this website!! I love your blogs, but the best part is reading about Rafael and the Evermore excerpt!!
    I was until recently a manager at a Waldenbooks store and promoted the Darkyn series heavily to my customers. I really miss my arcs, so loved reading on your site!! I just spoke with one of them earlier today and was able to hook her to this site!! You really have a lot of great information on your blogs and wish i could be with you at RT!! Looking forward to reading more hints in the Darkyn world!!! By the way, do you have a plan yet for Phillippe? I love him!!!

    Also, Congratulations on the the dump!!! They are such a great promo tool!!!

  18. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I love your Darkyn series! I can't wait for Evermore to come out. Both excerpts i have read have been fantastic! Keep up the great work.


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