Monday, March 05, 2007

Quick Fix Ten

Ten Things for the Freeware Junkies

1. Budget yourself, track your spending and get your finances under control with AceMoney Lite.

2. AllChars freeware will make and store accented letters, other special characters and support macros for you.

3. Create your own glossaries with Babylon-Builder.

4. BestOffice is an interesting office app open source project/freeware; still partially in development if I'm reading this e-mail correctly but with a working image viewer, word processor, diary, personal scheduler, and file compressor/decompressor.

5. Create .pdf doocuments from virtually any Microsoft Windows application with Bullzip PDF Printer.

6. CIB PDF Plug-in for Word generates .pdf formatted documents for private use directly from within Word (note the private use clause there.)

7. CutePDF Writer, the free version of CutePDF Pro, will convert any printable document into .pdf format without watermarks, banners, ads, etc.

8. Dark Room, which zipped me right back to the good old days of uncluttered DOS-based Word Perfect 5.0 blue screens (sniff), gives you a distraction-free writing environment.

9. Organize yourself with MRX07's Personal Organizer freeware.

10. David Berman's TimeTo freeware for Windows sounds like an interesting personal organizer (I'm into anything that promises the user will "worry less, achieve more.")

Free writing resource: Our blog pal LJ over at Once in a Blue Muse has been using Tiddlywiki, a reusable non-linear personal web notebook, to organize her WIP. More details can be found in the blog post here, and the very cool template LJ created is here. Thanks for making this available for everyone, LJ.


  1. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Oooh, some of those hit right on what I need right now. Thanks a lot, Lynn!


  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    If you like Dark Room, you should try Q10. I found the link in the NaNoWriMo forums:

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Lynn... where do you get all the time to go trawling for all these freeware utilities? =)

  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Greetings Sheila, I meant to thank you for finding Cratchit.TimeTool in a previous Monday 10. It's been a wonder.

  5. Screw "private use only" plugins for Word. Use Open Office; it's got open licensing that lets you use it for any use whatsoever, and COMES with the pdf feature as a standard.

    Besides, it's got almost all the bells and whistles Office has, but it's FREE.

  6. Oooh, the Dark Room on my list! Thanks a bunch!

  7. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Heather - I use OpenOffice on my laptop. I'm probably going to migrate my desktop to it one of these days.

  8. Thanks for suggesting TiddlyWiki. It was just what I was looking for.

    Goodbye to going back to chapter ten to find out what I named the police detective with the chip on his shoulder.

  9. That Best Office looks dubious to me--the website isn't utilizing the best English in the world and their most recent releases seem to be in 2003.

  10. Let me revise--the software's got spelling mistakes in it, too. BestScheduler has in it a 'planer', asks for 'Secundary Contacts Informations' including 'Partener Interests' and 'Another informations' and 'Marriege Status'... whoever these people are, they definitely can't spell, and as a writer, that'd drive me crazy in no time.


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