Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday 20, The Turnabout/Fairplay Edition

I won't be here for most of the day so the bone doc can see how well I'm flexing/standing/walking/balancing. Some repeatedly falling on my butt will probably be involved, too. The U.S. Olympic committee is simply going to have to look elsewhere for their next star pole vaulter.

While I'm off letting strange men attach electrodes to me and feel up my leg, I have some questions for you this week. If you're inclined, please answer in comments any or all of the following:

1. Contests (where you compete in some fashion for the prize) versus giveaways (where you win a prize by random draw): which do you prefer?

2. Other than books, what would you like to see offered in PBW giveaways?

3. Virtual workshops: which do you think you would find most useful -- 1) a live virtual workshop as we've done in the past here at the blog, 2) an e-book formatted workshop with exercises that you can download and read at home, 3) a live workshop conducted online in a chatroom, ot 4) other (please include details.)

4. Writers, what industry info can I and other publishing bloggers offer that will actually help you with your career?

5. Readers, would you like to see a weekly post at PBW featuring book news (mine and other authors), inside information on my novels, and freebies geared more toward the reader? If yes, would Wednesday work for you?

Thanks in advance for any insight you'd like to share.


  1. Either contest form is fine by me. It's fun to have a shot at winning either way.

    Other giveaways? Maybe critiques. Hard to say, I love book give-aways.

    VW's: Love #1, I can save and print, and it's interesting to read the comments, too. I would go for #2, but not so much #3 because I always miss live stuff and usually fail to sign in correctly because I'm incompettent that way.

    OMG. You always offer the truth, and that's the one thing we need the most.

    Whatever is gearing specifically toward readers should be titled such, but I think that would be an excellent idea. :)

  2. See, I can't even spell incompetent correctly. ;)

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    1. Competing contests are great for loyal readers if it's based on something from one of your books; random draws are great to let readers unfamiliar with your work (or too poor to buy a lot of books) get a chance to read your work

    2. Definitely more bookmarks ;)
    Seriously, critiques would be great, but I doubt you have time for that

    3. 2) an e-book formatted workshop with exercises that you can download and read at home, with perhaps an online group area people can discuss the material

    4. What you do now is great - and why I keep coming back. I enjoy listening to your insight about the industry and the craft of writing (and Friday 20 is great - even if I don't ask any questions)

    5. Absolutely! It's not just about our careers you know!

  4. what industry info can I and other publishing bloggers offer

    Ears wide open for answers ...

  5. Contests are more fun for me with the challenge involved.

    Other than books? Umm..what else is there?

    Honestly, I've found blog-workshops somewhat clunky. Either live chatrooms or ebooks are what I prefer. "Other" for me would include mountainous retreats in Tibet with a personal chef and masseuse.

    Industry info...Tell us the ultimate secret of getting published. We know there is one. You published writers are just hoarding it because you don't want the competition. Right?

    And yes. Wednesday works.

  6. 1. Either kind of contest works for me

    2. And books is defintely the best prize lol or maybe a GC to a bookstore. See a pattern there.

    3 and 4 I'm not a writer so have no opinion on that

    5. Yes that would be fun and any day that is good for you is perfect for me.

  7. 1. I prefer to work for my reward as opposed to the luck of the draw (I’ve never been very lucky when it come to winning prizes).

    2. I’d like to sample some of PBW’s favorite music.

    3. An e-book formatted workshop to do at home when the time permits. Hate to miss useful information simply because I couldn’t be at my desk at a specified time.

    4. An inside line to your editors ; )

    5. I love the idea of a regular book related news post, as a reader and a writer!

    Good luck with the doc...

  8. 1. Contests are definitely better, if only because it's so much more exciting to get an award than a prize. Of course, I might just be saying that because I have such terrible luck, but...

    2. You mean people want things other than books? Honestly, I can't think of much else. Maybe subscriptions to that writers' magazine you like so much, or... I don't know, nice pens?

    3. Anything but number three. Chatroom workshops tend to be useless to anyone who wasn't actually there, which isn't really fair to those who can't make it. Out of the remain two, one appeals to more, since it's easier to save.

    4. I've never actually seen a site that guides new writers through the process of getting published, from submission to receiving royalties, but that isn't exactly a small project. Still, it would be nice...

    5. I always love your book recommendations, but I'm not much of a fanboy, so the other stuff doesn't really apply to me. In fact, I suspect a huge chunk of your readership is probably more interested in the writing side of things, but that's just speculation.

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM

    1. Contests (where you compete in some fashion for the prize) versus giveaways (where you win a prize by random draw): which do you prefer?

    I like the random draw...I've won a couple that way. ;p

    2. Other than books, what would you like to see offered in PBW giveaways?

    Oh, I like the books. I wouldn't change the books. Only thing I'd change there is ME getting more... lol... the way you do some of the contests, though, giving away books other than your own is really cool...inspiring even

    3. Virtual workshops: which do you think you would find most useful -- 1) a live virtual workshop as we've done in the past here at the blog, 2) an e-book formatted workshop with exercises that you can download and read at home, 3) a live workshop conducted online in a chatroom, ot 4) other (please include details.)

    live stuff. Stuff I download and do at home...I just never get as motivated. probably why those do it yourself courses at home never worked for me.

    4. Writers, what industry info can I and other publishing bloggers offer that will actually help you with your career?

    hmmmm...this one would require thought. i didn't sleep enough for thought

    5. Readers, would you like to see a weekly post at PBW featuring book news (mine and other authors), inside information on my novels, and freebies geared more toward the reader? If yes, would Wednesday work for you?

    oh, inside info...absolutely.

  10. Anonymous9:59 AM

    To cut it short...

    1) random

    2) no opinion

    3) ebook formatted workshops

    4) no opinion

    5) no opinion

    Best Regards Richard

  11. 1. I like both. The contests are good because it gives a good way to tune in on something I might not normally write about. And the random are good because there's no work!

    2. I like books, too. But maybe book/writing accories. Book light, book marks, cool pens, journals. All stuff I like anyway.

    3. I like options 2 and 3.

    4. Who knows? Write my book for me?lol

    5. Yes! Wednesday, yes.

  12. 1. Depends on what the contest is?

    2. Give me a quilt!

    3. meh

    4. meh

    5. Yes! more book news! That would be fabulous and wednesday would be fine.

  13. Good luck with your tests PBW! Wear a butt cusion!

  14. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I like the e-book workshop idea, because I read your blog at work (shh!) and a live 'do would be out of the question for me. Maybe allow participants to upload materials (maybe in comments) and then do a critique? I'm not too knowledgable about the subject, but maybe a Yahoo Group or a LiveJournal Community where people can join and participate?

    Good luck with the bone doc. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for you.


  15. 1. Random, but sometimes those contests can be fun.

    2. Books are just fine, ma'am. More than fine, in fact.

    3. One or Two please. Though I think Shiloh's right. I'd be less motivated if I only had to download it. Perhaps a combination? You post the ebook ahead of time, then give us a period of time to digest, and then we discuss what we've learnt.

    4. Not a clue.

    5. Wednesdays are really popular for this. I think AngieW posts excerpts for her authors' books on Wednesday too.

  16. 1) I like both, or either. :o)
    2) Books, books, more books (bookmarks- teehee).
    3) I would prefer #2, but #3 might work, if we could conduct the discussion on your blog (perhaps in the comments?). The virtual workshop wouldn't work too well for me (I'm at work too often when these are run).
    4) Any insight into the industry and the craft of writing would be greatly appreciated.
    5) Yes to all of them, please.
    Thanks and good luck with the doctors. Have a great weekend!

  17. Anonymous11:41 AM

    1. Contests versus giveaways -- I have no preference. Maybe both to mix it up.

    2. Other than books, what would you like to see offered in PBW giveaways? -- Well, I really like the chance at the books. However, I'd buy a ticket for a charity to have lunch with you. (How I'd get across the country cost-effectively? I don't know. . )

    3. Virtual workshops: I like the way you have it formatted now. I can look it up when I have the chance. I've never found the chat rooms effective. Second choice would be downloadable book.

    4.Industry Info -- I really liked the post on building a business plan and database. I was hoping you'd do one on a similar topic every month. Things that we'd probably figure out eventually, but it's easier if someone clues us in early. (Taxes, organizational ideas, what's worked for you.) My question for today was going to be if you write your daily work to separate files by scene, chapter, daily work, weekly work, etc., or just use one giant file to keep each entire story in. I use Microsoft Word, and I've tried doing both and haven't come up with a way I'm completely happy with. I'm looking for ideas.

    5. book news,inside information on my novels, and freebies -- I''d love to see this. Maybe some outline examples of books you've finished, etc would be interesting.

    Thanks and good luck today!

  18. Anonymous11:46 AM

    1. I like a mix of both.

    2. Not sure - I'm happy with books, myself.

    3. #1 or #2. With #1 we'd get to see each other's responses, but with #2 I could easily save it onto my computer. I also really like LynD's idea of a Yahoo Group.

    4. I'm always happy to see stuff about important things to do and remember at the beginning of a writing career. Also, etiquette stuff - how to deal with agents, editors, other authors, and so on.

    5. Yes, though the content geared towards writers will still be the main draw for me.

    (I apologize if this comment shows up twice; Blogger is being weird.)

  19. #4. You know,I just got done listening to an RWA cd from an editor that I would love to work with, and in doing so I started to wonder, is what she's saying so different from what evey other editor thinks?

    When we're out peddling the wares, is safe always good? How much of yourself do you let show? Where is information that I can use to understand what each editor is like and what they are looking for (not in a story per se (assuming you've done that homework), but in the way that they prefer to work).

  20. Anonymous12:37 PM

    1 - giveaways. Not winning a giveaway is fine and random. Not winning a contest makes me feel just a little bit bad inside, like I failed a test or something.

    2 - critiques? Like you'll read a first chapter or short story and give opinions etc?

    3 - I thought the way you ran it on the blog was best. Chat requires everyone at the same time and ebook is ok but passive (no interaction w you or other participants).

    4 - Self-promo ideas. How to improve my writing. And advice on where the market is going in a genre (sf/romance/horror, whatever).

    5 - I love it when you pick another author/book and tell why you enjoyed it etc.

  21. Anonymous3:00 PM

    1. I like both for most of the reasons already cited: more risk and feeling of greater reward/failure for winning/losing in contests (I've not entered any); simple fun in the random drawings (I've won one).

    2. I'm more in the book camp on this one rather than being a pen or other accoutrements fan. Although I don't write at the level to try for one (yet?), critiques sound wonderful and appropriate for the blog - of course, that could be hard on you. So, for my part, books.

    3. Not enough experience to comment.

    4. I'm not a professional (or aspiring professional) writer, but I love the insights that you have been posting.

    5. Yes. Yes.

  22. 1. Both.
    2. Chocolate, but I may be in the minority.
    3. The way you've done it in the past. I like reading all the comments.
    4. Promo ideas that don't involve me putting on pantyhose.
    5. Like Sandra, I like hearing what you're reading and why you like it. Or don't like it. Unless it's a book of mine you don't like. :)

  23. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Okay, my turn to take a crack at this:

    1) Either contest is fine. You might mix it up and do both--more fun for everyone.

    2) Well, obviously your books and ARCs are great. Books by other people--debut novels or new author's books, or just books that you like and you think other people would like. Also, you could give away cd's that you like, or that speak to you as well.

    3) I don't know how to do the live one on the blog, but the e-books would be very cool, as would the live chat. Doing both would kinda be the best of both worldsl--exercises to help you think through your problem or live advice from you and other blog goers.

    4) to queary? Where to queary?, lists of agents, how to spot scams--agent scams, publishing scams, contract scams, etc.

    5) Totally! And yeah, Wednesday is great!

    Hope that helps, Lynn.


  24. Anonymous3:39 PM

    1. Whatever is fun for you. Both sound fine.

    2. Can't say. I like books, myself.

    3. #1 or #2 (which I hadn't thought of and gives me an idea for the blog workshop I'm doing right now--hint hint)

    4. If there's something we should be doing (other than writing and editing) before we're ready for the agent search, that would be helpful.

    5. This sounds like a good idea.

  25. I love the chatroom workshop, that's fun. And any giveaway works for me

  26. Anonymous4:50 PM

    1. I like giveaways more.

    2. Books are great for giveaways, especially signed. I love reading so I don't have any suggestions for what else to give away.

    3. I think a combination of options 2 and 3. Some people might not be able to make it to a chatroom workshop, so putting things in ebook form as well might be useful.

    4. No comment.

    5. As a reader, I love the weekly post geared to readers suggestion and Wednesday sounds just fine.

  27. 1. Contests and random draws are equally attractive.

    2. Books are great, but if you have any scribbled notes pertaining to books, those would be great as well.

    3. Workshops. I'm never online and available (i.e. not writing) at the same time, so I prefer downloadable ones.

    4. Example of good hooks and query letters?

    5. No opinion. I read you avidly anyway.

  28. 1. Whichever gives me the best chance of winning. I s'pose that would be the random drawing one.

    2. World peace? Homemade chocolate chip cookies? No, seriously, I think giving away books is spiffy all in itself.

    3. I kind of like the e-book idea, if there were some sort of feedback mechanism along with it so we could share ideas.

    4. I'm not one yet, so I expect any info would be good info.

    5. yesyesyes!!!

    Good luck with the bone doc! :)

  29. Anonymous5:59 PM

    1) Why not do a mix of both?
    2) Hrm... Gift vouchers for bookstores? ;)
    3) Ebook, but maybe make a post every so often to see how people are doing?
    4) Formatting stuff, what to say, how things work, et cetera...
    5) Absolutely!

    Have fun with the... electrodes. Damn, there's no way I can make that sound fun, is there? Well, I hope it's not too bad.

  30. 1. At the moment, I prefer giveaways, but when I'm writing again, that may change.

    2. Books. More books. And even more books, unless you have a spare kitten? I suspect critiques are too much to ask for :).

    3. I'm not sure which I would find most useful, as I haven't had much experience of most of the types suggested, but I would like to try an online chat. would be great for this.

    4. The sort of information I find useful is pretty varied. What not to do, what individual agents/editors are looking for, how to work out where your book belongs in the marketplace, how the industry works...all good!

  31. 1. Contest
    2. What is there besides books? It's all about books.
    3. 1) live workshops on the blog or 3) live workshop conducted on a yahoo group set up for the purpose
    4. I'm not sure industry info can actually help anybody's career. But I do love the practical application of information, such as how you've discussed trend spotting in the past to time your proposals/projects
    5. I'd love to read book news and Wed. is good for me.

  32. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Random draw seems fair.
    Weekly book news sounds marvelous. Wednesday works just fine.

  33. So having published three books, with another in the fall and two more in the contract, I still don't really know how the publishers work in house. How sales people really work/what they do. How books really get bought--what kind of autonomy editors have in making purchases, what they expect of books in terms of how they'll do, how they plan promotion or if editors have much say there . . .

    So pretty much it's all different house to house, but I think hearing what people have experienced with their publishers, what they know about the 'behind the scenes,' how they came to know (I mean, I've just never had these discussions with my agent or editor and don't really know if that's expected or not of me . . .

    So if that's coherent, there you go.


  34. 1) Prefer contests.

    2) Giving away crits is a fantastic idea, but would certainly drain your time. Maybe you could also have other authors volunteer?

    3) E-book formatted workshops. Some people (cough, cough) work peculiar hours, and some don't have continuous access to a computer.

    4) This sounds awful...but I think I'd like to hear more about people's initial FAILURES in the industry. Makes the successes seem more inspiring and obtainable, I think.

    5) Yes on the book news. :-D

    May I just add that I love the 'audience participation' posts in which the readers get to express their creativity? I've seen some fabulous stuff there.

  35. Regarding the workshops: as much as I might enjoy a live one conducted in a chat room (it would be fun), I think this sort of thing is better suited to a more considered approach. We are writers, after all.

    What about making use of something like

  36. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I dislike the weekly features entries which this and many other blogs are trending towards. It seems to cut down on creative content and bring the whole blog closer to a more mechanical entity. PBW, as useful as some of your 10 Things lists have been, does the Net really need yet another list of loosely linked freeware products?

    I'd like to see a more spontaneous sort of blogging around the 'sphere, so I'm going to say no to question 6. To address the others:

    No real preference for 1 and books are just fine for number 2. I like option 2 for question 3, and as for number 4: deliver to us recent stories about real break-ins to the industry. What actually works is infinitely better than the kinds of "write every day!!!111" and "jsut keep tryin and ur dreams will come true!!" I see all over the Net. (Not here -- but I need to let off some steam!)

  37. 1. Both contests and giveaways have their uses. It seems the most fun to leave room for both.

    2. There is life besides books? Where? :O Oh. Food stamps?

    3. Virtual workshops: I'd suggest posting them on your blog AND opening a small forum where people could discuss them. Blog comments get hard to read and maneuver if a lot is going on. (Bethany House editor Dave Long has used this approach well.)

    4. Info news: what you've been doing is great. Things to help the rest of us know how to behave and what to expect.

    5. As a writer, I don't have an opinion on strictly reading news. My TBR pile never seems to go down as it is!

    Hope Friday went well for you.

  38. I like both kinds of contests. It's nice to win from competitions once in a while but a random win is nice too.

    Of course books are always my first choice but gc's, cups, anything tied into the book, etc.

    Weekly postings for us readers would be great! any day is fine with me.

  39. Anonymous5:18 PM

    1. I prefer giveaways because I'm awful at contests.

    2. Um, other things given away that would be cool: I dunno if legally you could do it, but like, win a critique sort of thing. I've seen other writers/industry people sell these at auction and stuff. Not of a whole manuscript, but, I dunno, a scene or a chapter or some such thing.

    3. I'm a fan of a) live virtual workshop. I'm too lazy with e-books.

    4. What you're doing is great already. :) Maybe more on how you trend-track? And I'm still waiting for more people to discuss plotting (luckily, it's Holly's next clinic.)

    5. That would be lovely.

  40. Good luck with your testing. I hope they figure out what's going on and get everything taken care of.

    1. I prefer contests, just because I seem to do better :-)

    2. Books always work.

    3. Virtual workshops: which do you think you would find most useful -- EBooks are more useful to me, given my time schedule. I also, however, like the give and take of message board formats or comments, like here. Live chats are fun, but these days I just don't have the time for them.

    4. Give me your agent's private phone number and tell her I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread? ;-)

    5. Yes, and Yes.

  41. Thanks for asking, PBW! It is fun to enter the drawings, and I like it being random chance. What more could I want than books? (Other than a pre-paid week on a tropical beach?)

    The info you have already given on your own publishing career is priceless to me. I don't know any published writers personally, and how else would I gain a perspective on what it is like, but for your open and frank vignettes, and those of other writers, such as Holly Lisle.

    Workshops -- prefer #2, but any kind is interesting to me. Reader Wednesdays sounds good.

  42. 1 Contests and giveaways are both good ideas. Some contests can be a little intimidating to some folks so I like the idea of both.

    2 You mean other than reading? Hm. Well, I love the idea of when you gave away the gift certificate to that online art store and music. That can get pricey though. I’m not sure.

    3 I’ve found 1 and 2 very helpful. Chats good when you can go over information and such.

    4 Marketing. I love to hear how people market their books.

    5 You should see my TBR pile. And some of it is your fault. Grin. Actually, it’s not that bad. Yes, and yes.


  43. Anonymous6:48 PM

    1) giveaways
    2) critiques are great! And the goody bags from a few months ago were awesome. I know both of those add to your workload and expenses though. Really, books are plenty and lovely.
    3) the way you've done it on the blog in the past.
    4) how to keep up a career as non-travel-ly as possible.
    5) Yes, I'd love it! =D

    I hope you're feeling okay. =) And thanks so much for this blog. =)

  44. 1~ Giveaways
    2~ Books, Bring um on.
    3~ 1 Live virtuals
    4~ Keep doing what your doing ,I've seen many authors that give credit to you in their blogs.
    5~ Absolutely!

  45. Anonymous12:02 AM

    1) Giveaways: When I was young, I was chosen last for every sport. I don't like that feeling. Giveaways remove it.

    2) Books books and more books :)

    3) virtual workshop, ebook. Chat means you have to be there and that automatically leaves some people out.

    4) NA... I just dabble. Though I do love reading here about the writing process :)

    5) Yes yes and more yeses. And Wednesday is great :)

  46. Anonymous8:03 AM

    1. Personally, I'd like to see more contests - I prefer something a bit more challenging than just remembering my name (though that is a challenge sometimes).

    2. I have to agree with the offer of critiques, though I would say to limit that to something like a writing contest (or the E-Book Challenge), rather than just randomly.

    3. I think a live virtual workshop would work best for me. An e-book is great, but it ends up in my To Be Read pile, and it can take me months to get to it.

    4. An idea of what agents want what information in a hook/query would be nice. *~* It's a little frustrating to adjust it based on notes for one agent...only to find another actually wanted the worldbuilding aspect.

    5. The reader in me wants more book news, yes. *-* The writer is saying that my To Be Read pile is already contemplating world domination.

    As a question, I hope I'm not pressing an issue, but it's been about 90 days since you offered to critique all of the E-Book entries. Are you still working through the list? I know it was hefty, and I just wondered if you might be able to offer an update on where you are on the list?

  47. Anonymous11:16 AM

    1. Contests if its an established author, and giveaways for newbies.

    2. CHOCOLATE! :)

    3. Ebook

    4. n/a

    5. Yes...yes

  48. 1. Can't choose. Love giveaways, but I think the contests offer a chance that giveaways can miss.

    2. The critique idea people are tossing out sounds good.

    3. I think #2 would be best: e-book formatted workshops with exercises.

    4. n/a

    5. Readers, would you like to see a weekly post at PBW featuring book news (mine and other authors), inside information on my novels, and freebies geared more toward the reader? If yes, would Wednesday work for you?
    Yes. To both.

  49. 1. Contests:
    Compete is fun.

    2. Other than books, what would you like to see offered in PBW giveaways?

    Books... oh hang on...

    3. Virtual workshops: which do you think you would find most useful --

    I used to read the transcripts of your live workshops at FM. However, I don't think I'd take part in one.

    I'd be most interested in a break down of something YOU've written, perhaps sharing with us you outline and whatever you used to pitch the project.

    4. Writers, what industry info can I and other publishing bloggers offer that will actually help you with your career?

    Comments on the changing market.

    5. Readers, would you like to see a weekly post at PBW featuring book news (mine and other authors), inside information on my novels, and freebies geared more toward the reader? If yes, would Wednesday work for you?


  50. Anonymous3:00 PM

    1. Contests:

    Random drawing

    2. Giveaways:

    Books are terrific by me.

    3. Virtual workshops:

    I think something that let's people participate on their own schedule. It's nice to be able to do live chat, but I think more people would be able to participate if the time were flexible.

    4. Industry Info:

    I'd like to see a discussion of self-publishing and print on demand, and if what people think of those as an option to traditional publishing. What do YOU think of it?

    5. Book news:


  51. 1. Contests

    2. Sexy hot men!!!!!

    3. Live virtual workshop

    4. How to work novels with more than one element (paranormal-futuristic, etc.)

    5. Wednesdays are hump day so it sounds cool. :)

  52. I like your contests - they're always amusing and often spur me to be creative, unusual or just get out and write!

    I agree with those people who spoke out about critiques. I would value anything you'd care to say about my writing. But, hey, books are also awesome!

    Workshops are good...I like to be able to give feedback and get it...

    Somebody mentioned "before you ever submit" ideas - what REALLY needs to be done before you submit a book to a publisher?

    And yes, I would love to see a book news post. Any day you like - advantage:Blog!

  53. you have any specific things you do when you've got writer's block? Because any busting out techniques would be awesome!

  54. @ Hannah Garbacz:
    I know the question is not for me and I dont want to be rude, but for me there are two things against writer's block:

    1st (and most important) a detailed outline before beginning the first draft. If you always know, what will come next, writer's block can't stand a chance.

    2nd (and nearly as important as the first one): just write and keep your fingers moving, even if you know it's bad. Drafting isn't rewriting. First step is alwasy to get the damn first draft finished. After that point the fun of editing and rewriting starts.

    Best regards

    Richard Norden

  55. Hey, S-lady, everything ok?

    When you mention going to the doctor on Friday and then nothing as of mid-day Wednesday it naturally makes me wonder. Especially considering your usual posting frequency.

  56. Also concerned...
    Are you ok, Lynn? Anyone in touch with her?

  57. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Ditto the concern. Hope you're all right.

  58. Gift certifs to bookstores.

  59. 1. either
    2. books or gift certificates for music, books.
    3. don't know
    4. don't know
    5. That would be fun but I enjoy your blog regardless.

  60. Where'd you go? I want you back!

  61. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Me, too! Hope everything's ok.

  62. Hi Lynn, Hope you are feeling better. But it might be fun to occasionally have a strange man feel up your leg. HA HA HA.. sorry, mommy of 4 here stuck in fantasy land.

    1. Like both
    2. I am just happy with books! LOVE YOUR BOOks, glad to see you dabble in the 1632 series... I think that is just too fun!
    3 & 4. not a writer myself, so I guess these don't apply
    5. YES YES YES... BIG FAN, not a writer, but a lover of fun scifi and such. Glad I'm just a reader... but I'm looking for more series to start on. HUGE fan of the StarDoc series [in fact I bought the whole set for my sister, brother, and parents who became fast fans as well] I like getting attatched to characters and caring about what happens to them. So any weekly posts like that would be awesome!

    Hope you had a cute couple of fellas feel up your leg. Praying you heal quickly so you can jump back online and bless us with your wild and fun imagination!
    Cheerio! Jamee Cafe'

  63. Oh great and glorious, PBW, come back, please.


  64. I hope you're ok, Sheila.

    My answers:

    1. Contests - I can't say I really have a preference.

    2. Do ARCs count? If so, more of those. If not...something unique like your bookmark giveaway. Unfortunately my brain is mush so I can't think of another example.

    3. Virtual workshops: Hard choice, there. I like all 3 options, but if I had to go with one, I'd say virtual workshops here. I like how you will answer questions "live" and the interesting questions your readers here ask.

    4. I'd have to say more info (or rather, keep the info coming) on the publishing end, genre trends, and book stuff. Basically, keep doing what you're doing. :D

    5. Readers, would you like to see a weekly post at PBW featuring book news? Yes, yes, and yes! Wednesdays would be fine.

    I hope my answers help in some small way. If I think of anything else, I'll post it.

    Erin K.

  65. Anonymous10:58 PM

    An e-book workshop would work swell so I can just print up the exercises and read them whenever.

    ~Novel Writing

  66. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Hope all is well and only you're vacationing in Paradise.
    Worrying along with the rest.

  67. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Adding my worry to everyone else's. *frets* Come back soon, PBW.

  68. Anonymous7:57 AM

    just another concerned one...

  69. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Fretting too. Hope all is all right.

  70. Hope you and yours are okay.

    Take care.


  71. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Where are you? Getting a good bit worried here. Hope everything's ok.

  72. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Does anybody know what's happening on PBW's side of things?

  73. Another concerned one here (dedicated lurker).

    Be well, PBW.

  74. Really worried...

  75. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Another lurker that enjoys your words of wisdom and humor.
    Hope all is well. Please post even if it's just a sentence. Growing more concerned each day.


  76. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I've tried to be patient, but I'm getting really worried. Where's Tom, the LA friend? Can he say something...anything? Gosh, I hope everything is okay.

    Karen, the lurker.

  77. I hoping that you and your family are alright.

    Thinking of you.


  78. Still no news. I am getting really worried. I hope everything is okay with you and your family. Our thoughts are with you. Come back soon.


  79. I'm worried too! I hope everything is alright with you and your family. You have my thoughts as well.

  80. Hope you're okay, P., come back soon.

  81. Anonymous11:19 PM

    hope all is are missed.


  82. Okay now, I'm getting very concerned. What's it been now, over a week?

    Hope all is well.

  83. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Obviously Life with a capital L has intervened in some way. Best wishes to you and your family, PBW, and I hope all will be well soon. Our thoughts are with you.

  84. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I'm praying for you and yours, PBW. Hope to hear from you soon.

  85. The long, long silence tells a tale. And since we all write fiction we're way too good at filling in the blanks.

    Hope all's well, PBW.

  86. Anonymous10:05 AM

    1. Giveaways because I stink at contests.

    2. Chocoloate...but darn it, I'm on a diet. Still, the ocassional chocolate is divine.

    3. 2) an e-book formatted workshop with exercises that you can download and read at home.

    Because some of us can't do chats. For me, the baby won't do without me long enough to follow a chat, nevermind trying to participate with him on my lap.

    4. Writers, what industry info can I and other publishing bloggers offer that will actually help you with your career?

    Pretty much anything helps a newbie. Revision tips, marketing tips, worldbuilding, how to blend SF and Romance well, finding agents, how to move past a critique that says you suck when all the others say the story's fine...

    5. Yes to all of your suggestions.

    Glad to see you back. I hope your knee heals quickly and that your father's okay.



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