Monday, March 26, 2007

Applet Ten

Ten Things Powered by Applets

1. offers an Applet Code Generator for snow and lake images; I'm sure one of you smart people could do more with it.

2. The Java Boutique has an entire list of applets and links to other applet sites for you to rummage through.

3. Martin Wattenberg's Living Wallpaper applet constantly evolves.

4. Martin's Anagram Generator applet will create anagrams of the word(s) you input (Paperback Writer = We Tarpaper Brick.)

5. Create random passwords via applet over at PassGen2.

6. Generate flowing art with Dave Bollinger's PerlyBurly applet.

7. For those of us who are geometrically-obsessed, SodaPlay's SodaConstructor applet is beyond cool.

8. One of my favorite online toys, the Spirograph applet.

9. Explore an earth-like planet generated by Ken Perlin's A Webwide World applet.

10. Teach Yourself Java answers the burning question: What is an Applet Anyway?

If you'd like to read up on Java Programming, author David J. Eck has made his book Introduction to Programming Using Java, Fifth Edition (Version 5.0, December 2006) available free for online reading or download here.

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  1. Just dropping in to say hi and see how you're doing. ^_^

    I am an applet/gadget junkie, and I freely admit it. My favorite is the Magic 8 ball gadget. You can get a full on version that you can put in your own replies in it, or use the original version.


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