Sunday, October 15, 2006


This one is for the NaNoWriMo'ers out there who are in need of a laptop or AlphaSmart but don't want to invest in buying one, and please note that the deadline for applying is October 16th (that's tomorrow):

"NaNoWriMo has a small lending library of AlphaSmart Neos and a variety of laptop computers for use by NaNoWriMo participants. The Neos are all brand-new and fully portable. The laptops not so much; their batteries have mostly died (so you'll be tethered to an outlet), and they're too pokey to get on the internet. But they do come with top-quality word processors, and have a long track record for churning out high-speed novels.

There is no fee to check out an AlphaSmart Neo or laptop from our library. NaNoWriMo will cover the costs of shipping the computer to you, but you will be responsible for paying the costs of shipping the computer back to us (typically about $25) by December 15th. Borrowers will be required to provide a $300 deposit for their unit, and send us a copy of their driver's license, passport, or other documentation."

To apply for one of NaNoWriMo's loaners, check out the details over at their loaner information page.


  1. Do not anger the guilt-monkeys.

    That was funny. :) That's nice they will share laptops for people trying to fit in writing a novel in a busy schedule.

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I bought an alphasmart neo about a year ago. Best purchase I've ever made. Only two pounds, has stood up beautifully to being lugged around in my various satchels, and I haven't lost a single file.

    And the best thing - no tempting connection to the internet. It is for writing and nothing else. The fact that only four lines or so show up on the screen is a great help to getting a first draft done. With the limited ability to go back and re-read what you've just done all you really can do is move forward. And it seems strange, but I find the fact that no one can read over my shoulder oddly comforting when working in a public place.

    You do have to have a base computer as well, but if you want to be able to write away from your desk, the alphasmart is a better buy than a laptop.

    Not affiliated, etc. Just a very happy customer. Also, you get to meet other writers when they come over to ask you what you are using.

  3. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Mary, that's almost identical to what I say about my Neo. I got it in January and I write my first drafts on it whether I'm at home or at the coffee shop.

    I brought it to a writer's conference recently, and within about a month, both of my con-roomies bought their own. All I did was write on it now and then :D Both of them are quite happy with theirs, too.


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