Monday, October 30, 2006

E-Minus 9 Hours

One last nudge on PBW E-book Challenge:

The Final Update Post has links to useful info and links about cover art, content and other stuff from the other challenge update posts.

Trace's book blog note: "If anyone wants to set up a blog for their book, the link on blogger is here. They describe how to post a book on blogger. It's pretty easy."

The deadline is midnight EST tonight, but if you have problems uploading or something goes boom and you need a bit more time (time in this context meaning a couple of hours, not days, weeks, months, etc.) just e-mail me and let me know. I will add you into the list tomorrow.

This is it, guys. See you all here tomorrow. :)

PBW's E-book Challenge Instructions:

E-mail me at with the following by midnight EST on Monday, October 30, 2006:

The title and byline for your e-book

Example: Midnight Blues by Lynn Viehl

The URL for your e-book download file, or the URL for where your e-book can be read online.


Optional (this will be included with your link listing on PBW):

A short (25 words or less) premise, teaser or description of your e-book.

Example: Lonely vampire cop fights to save human nun from immortal sadist who wants them both.

What genre, if any, your e-book is written in.

Examples: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Crime Fiction, etc.

Note: Do not send me the file for your e-book or any attachments.


  1. Mine is done, posted, and suitably linked. I am now going home to collapse. Thank you for hosting this challenge, it has certainly challenged me. So count me in for next year. Ann

  2. Ready to rock and roll for tomorrow!

    Big thanks for running this challenge.

    It's been a blast getting it ready, cover art and all.

  3. I unfortunately could not finish up my WIP in time. Work and Real Life intervened. But the plan is to get it ready for your spring challenge. I look forward to reading everyone's work. :)

    Erin K.

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Well, crap. I thought it was the 31st and I'm not quite done. *pout* Oh well. I'm going to do it anyway, I just didn't meet the challenge.

    Next year.

  5. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Huh. That comment above is mine. It's not giving me the name box.


  6. Mine is up: Museum Rendezvous. I've sent an official e-mail as well.

  7. I've posted my story, along with the cover and an excerpt on my blog
    . Enjoy!

    Thanks for doing this PBW! It was a fun project. :)


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