Monday, September 11, 2006


Thanks to everyone who joined in the Think Ink discussion, and congratulations to Ann, who is the winner of the Think Ink goody bag. Ann, when you get a chance send your full name and ship-to info to me at so I can get this package out to you.

Also a note to Caryle: back on Friday you asked if I could add some descriptions to the freebie story links on the sidebar. I've put those in title boxes that should pop up when you hover your cursor over the links.


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    PBW, Thanks SO much for your response on Friday 20. I appreciate the list of publishers a lot- I've been looking around but I'm not search-savvy at ALL. I can't talk to another counselor because I go to an itsy-bitsy school and she's it, but I'm going to talk to the chair of the Eng dept; she's a sweet prof I've had before and like a lot. She's really helpful when she can be, too. I was really discouraged but a weekend's time has helped me put it in perspective more. (And I realized how bad that comment sounded - I didn't mean to say I wanted to stay home and write, I just hate that except for the financially well-off, it's not an option. Or people who save alot so they can try it. or whatever. I want a job because I NEED a schedule or I go batty, tbh. But still, it was just hard on me to see her reaction. And y'know, TS Eliot was a banker... *eyeroll*


  2. I Won!!! Thanks, this totally makes my day! I can't wait to get it. It's like Christmas early.

  3. Congrats, Ann. You are sooooo lucky.


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