Monday, September 18, 2006

Useful Ten

Ten Things to Do Stuff for You

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Nab those screen colors with's Color Cop (I don't see system requirements for this one so definitely check it out carefully.)

2. Another color picker, Reohix's Peacock Color Picker can grab any color from any screen (Windows again, sorry guys -- I'm still looking around for free Mac stuff.)

3. Simon Haynes offers Sonar (Submission Tracking Tool) as freeware that keeps track of your subs for you.

4. Get 50 free, useful tools in one package with Meta Eureka's A-Toolbar.

5. has a trio of screenwriting-related programs that it offers in freeware and shareware versions.

6. Easily convert your text documents to HTML web pages with Virdi Software's Text2Web (for you authors who maintain FAQ pages, Virdi also offers FAQ Genie.)

7. Tweak the initial view of a .pdf file with, what else, TweakPDF.

8. Need a nudge on when to take a break from the computer? Let UserHealth nag you.

9. Make your own video and burn it to a DVD in three clicks with the freeware version of Video DVD Maker.

10. "Small, fast and powerful" -- try the latest NotePad replacement freeware, Win32Pad.


  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    My warmest thanks to Simon for Sonar. Sure beats my old system!

  2. You're welcome, and I'm only glad I could share it with so many people.
    I'm reworking yWriter at the moment, adding a full RTF editor and changing the file structure around. It's going to be a bit of a wait because I'll use this version to write my next book before releasing it.

  3. Thanks for the update Simon. Looking forward to seeing the new yWriter. I'm using yTimer now, and am looking forward to using Sonar (when I start doing submissions).

  4. Here are a couple of screen shots from the work in progress:

    yWriter 3 main screen
    yWriter 3 editor window

    Doesn't look a whole lot different, but it's very new under the covers.


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