Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off to Not Write

Yes, I'm bailing on you guys again. I'm actually disconnecting so I can go see my folks and my nephew while he's in town, and take a break from the keyboard. I'll be back on Monday -- have a good weekend.


  1. Have fun!

    s william, I've got the toilet paper. Do you want to teepee all her books? :)

  2. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Hope you have fun!

    I'd say we build an igloo out of all her books and then move in for a pajama party...

  3. I don't time, maybe you should make a stealth exit and leave a robot in your place to make obscure posts. We'll all just think you went off your rocker, but better than coming back to the place covered in toilet paper ;).

    Enjoy your break.


  4. Isn't PBW saying she's off not writing enough of an off-her-rocker comment as it is? I'm not sure she really made it out of The Matrix, despite our questions from yesterday. I think she's just cramming in more doing doing whatever it is people do when they're locked in The Matrix with Keanu.

    But seriously, hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    We could rearrange all the keys on her keyboard... stuff her writing room with styrafoam peanuts... cover every single item in the room with tinfoil...

  6. Shawna, PBW uses Dragon Naturally Speaking or something like that. No point changing the keys around.

    What we need to do is hide the microphone she uses!

  7. Well I see it's party time here. LOL

    When you return, please change my blog link-- the new one is--

    thanks : )


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