Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sub Ops

Asylett Press is a new e-book publisher looking for: "E-books; all genres, no erotica or gay/lesbian (fic/nonfic). Pay: 40% gross." Different preferred lengths according to genre. Electronic concise queries only; do not send synopsis or manuscripts as attachments. Definitely read all guidelines from this publisher before you submit.

The publisher for the very popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series is always looking for inspirational stories between 300-1200 words; electronic, snail mail or FAX subs; payment to be determined upon acceptance.

Holy Horrors is an open sub anthology looking for original or previously published short stories: "Anything that spins, gestates, evolves, devolves, erupts, or otherwise issues, in a spectacularly evil, disturbing, supernatural, horrific, weird, insane, or otherwise grotesque way from religion." 5K max length preferred, .05/word for unpubbed, .025 for prev. pubbed, 5K cap on payment. Electronic subs preferred; write to editors for snail mail addy. Deadline February 2007.*

Poetry from the Trenches wants poems for a chapbook to compliment the From the Trenches war-theme story anthology, pays $5/poem and one copy. Electronic subs only. Deadline October 15th.*

Related Link: Tim Waggoner has a good article on playing The Anthology Game.

*Details and links snitched from, home of SF/F sub ops and the latest news about them on the web.


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM


    Have you seen the commercial for Chicken Soup for the Soul Supplements? It's the newest Amway. They're recruiting people to sell dietary supplements bearing the CSS label.

    Me, I'll take real chicken soup any day of the week. Hmm . . . think I'll post my recipe.


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