Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sew Not

I have a secret fondness for hideous quilts. Most quilters these days are too savvy to make an ugly quilt, so they're very rare. I've only found two or three over the years that I would consider really hideous, and yet they're perfectly functional and keep you as warm as a prize-winning masterpiece does.

Quilting on Acid

It's only that a hideous quilt is like the sun: look at it too long and you'll go blind.

Similar horror stories:

"Because every girl needs a purse that looks like the lining of a stomach."

What to do with an ugly quilt and The Ugly Quilt Contest.

Hideous crochet at the Dishcloth Queen's Ooo la la post (I think I actually made that chicken once.)

Classic link: A "Titanic" Wedding Disaster.

Someone isn't taking care of their equipment: World's Worst Featherweight.

Uber-Classic link: Bridemaids Dresses from Hell.


  1. Okay, you're right... that quilt is just painful. >_<

  2. not quite as painful as the titanic bridesmaid dress.


  3. Whoa. My ex-roommate had (and still has) a quilt exactly like this.

    And you're right, it was great at keeping my toes warm, but dear god -- the pain, the paaaaain....

    Also, his quilt had somehow gotten scorched (???) and had patches missing. Maybe he used it to put out a kitchen fire or something?

    I love the idea of quilting -- of creating something people use to keep warm, of the beauty of a well-made blanket and how it drapes over a sofa or bed -- but I don't have the time and money to pick up another craft. And also, I'm a lousy, lousy sewer. That Titanic dress would be me sewing on a good day.

  4. I swear this is a real place--I've actually been there.

    Enjoy! (wicked grin. . .)

  5. I'm in shock from the Titanic wedding disaster. I think I have to go read it again to convince myself it was real.

    One of my friends had to wear a bridesmaid dress in celadon. I didn't even know celadon was a color. Did anyone else???

  6. Wow that is bad! I like this site too it's great for laughing at knitted stuff!

  7. Anonymous2:01 AM

    My favorite tie (which I think my wife threw out, on purpose) I acquired when I bought a desk at a flea market. The tie was stuffed into one of the drawers.

    Solid purple.
    With a cow head painted on it.
    And with lots of grease stains, too.

    I miss that tie. Not enough to paint and grease up one of my own, mind you.

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I bought the dress for my first wedding the day before the ceremony, thanks to a similar disaster involving a dear friend/talented costumer, pins having shifted in the mail, and sleeves being in the wrong armholes.

    It took many bourbons-and-gingerale to get through those couple of days.


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