Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blog Shopping

Hit my local BAM today to get some reference books, caved in to my curiosity, walked the fiction racks, and snagged the following:

Alison Kent's Deep Breath, which arrived a few weeks early, very nice surprise. I love the cover art for this one, Ms. Kent.

Hot Spell, Berkley Sensation's latest anthology featuring Shiloh Walker. I have to put this away until I finish my weekend chores or I suspect the laundry will grow to landfill proportions.

Linda Woods and Karen Dinino (Lee Goldberg's sisters) have a make-your-own journal/art book how-to, Visual Chronicles, which sounded interesting. I had to leave fiction and risk getting scrapbooking cooties from the Craft section to find a copy, but it appears to be quite user-friendly, with a focus on content that should pair up well with Alisa Golden's Unique Handmade Books for a personal book-making project I'm putting together.

What books by bloggers have you been finding out there in retail land?


  1. Now, see? This is the downside of living in a coastal village - no bookstore.

    I gotta go 25 miles to a town - not a city - to find a purveyor of novels, and I only get to do that once a week. Blah.

    I did see the name Alison Kent on an anthology, but I was dragged kicking and screaming away before I could look closer and buy.

    We're also at the disadvantage of local publishers and the international rights, so it's usually a month or more before an anticipated book is released here, if at all. For some, it's three, four or five months.

    I do most of my book buying via the 'net, and it can be tricky with the rights and all.

    FYI, I've never seen your books in any of the bookstores around my area, S, so let's here it for ordering online! Yay!

  2. okay, biting nails...

    i've got Deep Breath, too. I was lucky enough to win a copy, although, Alison, I did see it on an endcap at one of the local Walden's here.

    I hit a B&N today for a signing and while I was there, I picked up a couple of books..

    I bought the Dummies Guide to writing a Romance Novel~can't wait until the Erotic Romance one comes out. Also got The Warlord's Gift, an EC book.

    Bought a historical by Heather Grothaus.

    A week or two ago, I bought a couple from Marjorie M Liu and Lover Eternal from JR Ward.

  3. I'm due for another bookstore trip, but it's amazing how many books I've bought in the last year from bloggers or from word of blog. Most of the books on my to-buy list are from bloggers. I hear about so many great reads I might have otherwise missed this way.

  4. I bought "Private Demon" (Yes I'm behind) and J. Carson Black's "Dark Side of the Moon" a couple weeks ago.

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Wow! You have your own blog. What an awesome find (Wikipedia is quite useful after all!) As an aspiring writer and massive fan this is a treasure trove of information and fun. I can't wait for your next release.

    Keep that amazing writing flowing!


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